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Sorry to those that this offends but that's my position on the issue.

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Okay, here's the thing. This used to be a post showing links to all of my stories that I had posted to date. I kept it up pretty good for a long while (several years), but in the last couple of years I've totally failed in updating it.

It's gotten bad enough that I'm redoing this entirely and reorganizing how the Archive is set up. I had it organized by original story or fandom with no regard as to when I wrote the story. That doesn't work for me anymore.


What that means is that I'm going to do separate posts for each year's writing and then link to them here with a description of what sort of stories I was writing that year. Obviously, that's not done yet but they will be showing up soon, and once that's done I'll update this post again with all my notes and warnings and so forth.

In the meantime, you can find my stories in the tags and if there's something that you remember and can't find feel free to message me or leave a comment with a description of the story and I'll track it down for you.

If you're worried about leaving a comment, or concrit of some sort don't be. I welcome all feedback and appreciate everything I get. I wrote out my feelings on Comments, Concrit, Recs, and Reviews at a time when there was a bit of a dustup going on in LJ land. That's over here for those interested or curious.

I do apologize for the inconvenience to those who rely on this Archive. I'll have the new ones up as quickly as I possibly can.

Thank you for your interest in my stories!

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I hate being so busy. I didn't get the cover done for this week's novel. I also didn't get the ebook or cover blurb done, darn it. Did get 2000 words on the latest 'short' story that's definitely a novella. I'm finally at the point of will they/won't they, though so I expect that it'll be under 15K. Probably around 12-14K when it's all finished.

Didn't get my steps because I was literally too busy to get away from my desk today.

Also didn't get my inktober done because once I got home I was too busy writing to get to it. Argh! Busy needs to stop!

Which means that tomorrow I have to scramble to get the cover done, the ebook generated, the cover blurb written and everything uploaded once I get home. I may not get that done until Saturday or Sunday. Especially since the hubby wants to go out to dinner tomorrow after work.


Goals for tomorrow are thus write, get the book done and up, and go out to dinner. Plus get work as caught up as possible.

Off to bath and bed early because I'm exhausted. Goodnight everyone!

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Busy day again

Another busy day and tomorrow promises to be even more busy as I have a headlight out that I need to get fixed. Ugh. I'll probably leave work a little early so that I can get that taken care of.

Got 2300 words on the new so-called short story. Its looking to be around 10-15K which will make it a novella, not a short story. Can't be helped. That's what the story needs. I really am out of practice with sort stories right now so I shouldn't be surprised. Still, I'm having fun with it so it's all good.

Managed to get this week's book into POD format, well, into InDesign anyway. I still need to do all the tweaking. It looks like it'll be about 190-200 pages long when I'm done with final formatting. Tomorrow.

Did another watercolor for Inktober with some ink and gouache paints for the apple tree. I like it. Turned out pretty good for a super-fast thing.

Didn't even get close to my steps but I did do my arm exercises so it's not all bad. And I did decent on the eating today which is good after yesterday's fail.

Goals for tomorrow include the headlight, writing, finish the POD & the cover for this week's book (Mohana's story!), exercises and that's about it.

Off to bath and bed for me--goodnight everyone!

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I suck at short stories sometimes

I added 2300 words to the short story and now I want to make it novel length. Which is not going to happen because there's just not that much there. But the temptation is there. I figure another 2-3K and it'll be done which is a good short length.

Also got the raw file for this week's novel created. I still need to format it, do some author notes and afterword stuff but that's a step closer than I was. So that's good.

I did two more Inktober watercolors of which only one got inked. One worked. The other didn't really but that's okay. It's practice so it's all good even if it doesn't turn out super well. I'm officially caught up so that's a lovely thing there. Just need to do a quick watercolor something for tomorrow's Inktober.

I'm low on my steps and I over-ate like crazy today. Don't care. I was hungry all day and I'm not going to suffer.

Goals for tomorrow include writing, exercises (and not overeating, please) watercolor experimentation, and getting the book for the week into POD format so I can do covers and ebook Thursday and publish on Friday. Sporty but I'm going to try for it.

Off to bath and bed for me--goodnight everyone!

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Super quick post tonight...

...as I want to get off to my bath.

I finished the book! *cheers* And them promptly started a short story in the Drath verse because that seems to be all that my brain wants to write right now. *laughs ruefully* I think I'm going to write a series of short stories to publish between the novels. Just because I miss short story writing.

Already have one about half done and ideas for another. Plus themes to play with for even more of them. :D

I got my steps today and did reasonably well on the eating. Not great but not horrific either. The hubby and I have really slacked off on the exercise, though. I'm going to regret it in Japan as it stands. *groans* I really hate exercising in the rain, though. I have no rain gear that I could wear.

I did more watercolor experimentation and much enjoyed that. I've got two more sketches partially done for tomorrow to play with. One will be hit with inks, maybe another dose of watercolor and the other will be hit with gouache. Should be pretty when they're done.

Goals for tomorrow include getting the next novel ready for publication, finishing the short story, exercises, and doing more watercolor experimentation.

Off to bath and bed for me--goodnight everyone!

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Stormageddon has been a flop so far

We were told to expect very high winds and torrential rains but nope, we've had a nicely peaceful day. *shrug* I'm not upset. Last time we had a huge storm there were massive power outages across the Puget Sound. But the warnings don't expire until tomorrow so I suppose it might still happen.

I did more watercolor experimentation today which is a lot of fun. It's amazing how much regular practice does to increase your skills. So shocking, really. I mean, I could have figured this out 25 years ago. *rolls my eyes at myself*

I didn't even get CLOSE to my steps today since I stayed inside all day and took a nap in the afternoon. I didn't do too badly on the eating though so I'm not upset. Lazy, but not upset.

I finished the latest Drath book! *cheers* I'll need to give it a solid read-over and make sure the ending's properly satisfying but I'm happy with where it is right now. I'm thinking of doing some new short stories instead of leaping straight into the next Drath novel (theme is Law Enforcement which dovetails nicely with where the verse is sitting currently). I miss doing short stories so yeah, I might just focus on those for a little bit.

Goals for tomorrow include writing, getting a novel ready to publish, groceries, exercises and dealing with any storm issues which may or may not happen. Oh, and more watercolor experimentation, too.

Off to bath and bed for me--goodnight everyone!

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Quick post...

...as there's a major storm coming in right now.

Reminder: I post a free short story every Friday on WP if you'd like a quick read. Most of them are one-shots with queer characters. Occasionally they spark bigger stories but most are stand alones so you don't need to know anything to read. And free! Free is always good.

Got more writing done. I think I'm one chapter from finished on the current Drath novel. Happy ending is about to happen! *cheers* The only question is how much kissing and such will happen. Probably not much. This is not a sex-heavy series.

Did not get my steps today nor did I do well on the eating as I had pizza for dinner. Big storm coming in definitely made both of those hard.

Started outlining the travelogue book yesterday. The hubby's poking at it right now, grouping things thematically instead of by day. I can go pretty much any way so I'm not worried. Once we have a stable idea of how to organize the book I'll set up the chapters and be ready to write once we get there. I just have to figure out release forms (in Japanese and English) and figure out if I need a separate camera instead of using my iPhone.

Goals for tomorrow include hunkering down during the storm, watercolor practice, writing a LOT, and making BBQ pork unless the power goes out.

Off to season the pork, then go bath and bed. Hope you all have a much less stormy Friday night!

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Banks are frustrating

So. Setting up the online banking for the business? Not so easy to figure out. I think I have to go back into the bank to get it done. AGAIN. *snarls* I couldn't figure out how to do it online. Neither could the hubby. Frustration is high. Damn it.

And, since work was its new standard of painfully busy, I only got 1400 words written today. I swear, the last three chapters of this book are killing me. I want to write them. I'm averaging 45-50 wpm when I can sit down and write. But I only have tiny chunks of time to write in so it's coming in dribs and drabs. *flails*

I really want it done by this weekend so I can move on to other things. Really. Really REALLY want it done. Here's hoping I can manage better amounts of writing time tomorrow.

Did not get my steps today. I'm about 600 shy. Did eh on the eating. And I did manage to get my exercises this morning so that's good at least. Just have to get back at it again. It's a never-ending struggle.

I did manage to get the Now Available post up for the last book I published. Finally! That took what feels like forever even though it hasn't even been a full week. Do please check it out.

I got the colors onto today's Inktober sketch. It turned out pretty good. I'm going to have to try that again and see what I end up with. Maybe spend more time on a watercolor and do multiple layers of color and shading and stuff instead of just sketches. It's really a lot of fun right now which I need with all the busy and frustration going on.

Goals for tomorrow include talking to the bank about the business account thing, exercises, writing, the stupid beans damn it, and more watercolor experimentation.

Now though I'm off to the bath and then bed because fuck this day. I'm done with it.

Goodnight all!

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Imani had a problem: Bala Wirnhier, Platinum Consort of the Crystal Palace.

Since her arrival, Bala had taken over. Overnight, Imani had gone from Chief of Staff to clerk. Nothing Imani did made a difference.

That wasn't going to last.

Imani would not fail. Taking Bala as her consort would restore Imani's power.

No one was going to destroy Imani's life, especially not Bala.

Find This Book:

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Whoot! Finally got the Now Available post up! *happy dance*

Sorry I've been so silent on the publishing side of things, guys. I've been very busy getting things done at the day job and working on getting my writing set up as a proper business. Which takes, apparently, an infinite number of trips to the bank to get things straightened out. Very frustrating but once it's done it'll be done and then I can get on with actually doing the writing and publishing my books. And, maybe, you know, advertising them. Like this. And other ways.

*rueful grin*

Anyway, I hope you like this book if you choose to read--it's got my first f/f couple for this series and they were a ton of fun to write together. Add that to the next two novels (already done) and the one I'm maybe 3 chapters from finishing and this 'verse is going strong. Expect a book a month until I run out of books for this series. Or move on to something else as will inevitably happen in time.

Hope you enjoy the book if you choose to read!

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Well, qualified success today

I got to the bank and I now have a business savings account. The credit card application will go into the queue tomorrow and should be approved in 3-5 business days. So next week sometime. Now that I have the business account I need to go online and set up my business's account. And then, because I got an IRS EIN (Employer Identification Number) I need to set up a Transfer Account to Account permission form. Because the business account will be completely and utterly separate from the personal accounts. One page form, not a big deal. There's no checking account to go with the savings and credit so far. I'm not convinced that I'll need one. If I do, back into the bank I'll go.


Such is the way of banks and new businesses I guess. I got there at 4:30 and didn't leave until 6:15. *groan*

Of course, that meant that I didn't get my steps today. I'm 800 low. And because I had a snack before leaving work as I knew I'd be having a late dinner, calories didn't go so well, either. Plus, I was scrambling to get the EIN arranged this morning so I didn't do my arm exercises. Bad me. Must improve on that.

I managed to squeeze in 600 words of writing at work today, mostly by sheer determination not to skip a day. Once I got home there was no more writing. Instead I did Inktober pictures with glitter ink for today's picture and black and white underpainting for tomorrow's picture. Already has inked lines, though! :D

Man, glitter ink is fun! XD

Goals for tomorrow include writing, exercises, getting stuff done at work that's been pushed aside for a week now, watercolor experimentation, and getting the damned beans it. They need to go pronto, damn it.

Off to bath and bed for me--goodnight everyone!

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Much done again

I found another pair of jeans, which is good. That means I can get rid of some old ones that were wearing to the point my underwear showed.

Got groceries. Tried to find yellow ink to play with but the only way to get it was to get a set of colored inks that was $45 and that was a bit much when I'm just playing with things. If I keep having fun with the red and blue I have then I'll think about getting the set. It does have lovely violet, yellow and green inks in it. *is tempted*

Or maybe I can ask for it as a Christmas present. :D

Got 2600 words written on the book. It wants to be done right now but I'm only at 33K. I'd like to get to 40K or so. So there will be obstacles thrown in front of them and then a nice sex scene and then it'll be over.

I read over all the stuff for the business accounts. God, small print is such a pain but reading it is very important. Tomorrow I'll fill out the forms. Tuesday morning I'll get my IRS EIN number. Tuesday afternoon I'll have the meeting and get the business account and credit card set up. And then finally, months later than I wanted, I'll be able to start work on the domain name and website and all that jazz. *deep sigh*

Oh, and I need to work on setting up my travelogue book, too. Gotta get going on that.

Today's big exciting event was that we made smoked beef brisket and when the hubby was pulling the water reservoir, it had a fat layer on it. So he didn't realize that yes, there was actually water underneath. Spilled nasty water all over the kitchen which meant scrubbing the garbage cans, the cabinets and the floor. *groan* But the floor does look a bit better and the kitchen isn't sticky so I can't complain too much. Just a little bit.

So, tomorrow's goals include write, exercises (which I didn't do very well on today), business paperwork, watercolor experimentation (you can see today's experiments over here if you wish), and maybe those damned beans.

Off to bath and bed---goodnight everyone!

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Busy day was busy

I helped the hubby load up his truck with discarded railroad ties and old fence wood for the dump. Talked to my mom. Painted a watercolor sketch. Went to Ross and found two new pairs of pants that fit! *wild cheering* Went to the mall and got taco seasoning plus two Lush bath bombs. Went to Michael's and got red and blue ink to play with plus some different paper because I'm about to toss out the cheap paper I've been experimenting with. Went and donated blood.

And then came out, ran a load of laundry and took a nap because I was exhausted. After which it was dinner time, more art time (see them here and here if you wish) and then writing.

Busy day.

Tomorrow should be equally busy. I have writing, exercises, grocery shopping, more laundry, more watercolor experimentation with added fun with colored inks, the beans in the garden (which may just be allowed to go wild for next year. They're seriously probably not going to be harvestable with all the rain) and some house cleaning.

Now I'm off to bath and bed--goodnight everyone!

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Well, that was frustrating

Left work an hour early today to try to get a business credit card set up at our credit union. They needed more than what we had, including a bunch of forms filled out and a copy of my business license. This would not have been a problem if the hubby hadn't been bound and determined to get it all done today.

Was not going to happen no matter what.

And I, who am easily flustered in new situations, felt like a complete idiot for not already knowing everything that was needed and not responding correctly to questions like 'what sort of business is it?'

The correct answer is 'sole proprietor' not 'publishing'. Cue strange looks from the person helping us and annoyed-amused snorts from the hubby. Very good way to get my back up.

And then my password to log onto the banking site had been locked out six or more months ago. No big deal. I very, very, very rarely needed to see that as the hubby handles the money. But, um, I thought that by going through the security questions I could get it unlocked but no, if you do it more than 3 times your account is closed out. And I tried those stupid security questions about 23 times over the course of several days before giving up.

So more embarrassment there. Damn it. At least now I can properly log in again. And I have the login and password written down so it won't happen again.

I just have to stop having fights in my head about it all because of the embarrassment and annoyance.

Especially since 1) I now can get it, 2) I have an appointment on Tuesday to turn all the paperwork in and get the business visa set up. Finally. A month or two later than I wanted. *grumbly sigh*

In all of that, I managed to get 500 steps from my goal for the day. I may get close. I don't expect that I'm going to get them all though. And the eating was so incredibly bad today. A supplier brought in REALLY GOOD donuts. I ate one. It was in fact REALLY DAMNED GOOD. So no regrets there. And then we went out to dinner at IHOP so dinner was a bust, too. Calories off the charts. *shrug*

In all of this, I managed to get 500 words written which was way, way less than I wanted but better than losing my streak.

Did another Inktober watercolor and ink sketch. I'm having fits blending on this paper but I managed it better this time. Only by soaking the paper until I could see through it but I'll take it. I like that one. It turned out pretty good.

Goals for tomorrow include writing, harvesting beans (*crosses fingers I have any that haven't gone moldy), get spices from the mall, donate blood, fill out credit card applications, and start planning out my travelogue book that I'm going to write over Thanksgiving.

I'm not thinking those beans are going to be harvested. *groans* Well, one way or the other, they should have done good things for the soil.

Time for me to take a nice bath and chill out because boy oh boy do I need it. *refuses to cringe*

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I mean, I've got a long, long, LONG ways to go but that's to be expected. I did do an Inktober sketch yesterday that I kind of like. I'm thinking of doing it on good paper in a bigger size because blending is really hard on this paper and that one needs the blue blended. And then I got one done today that I'm actually rather happy with despite messing up the inking of the trees at the very last second. *shrugs*

Sketches are sketches. Perfection isn't wanted. Just that it's done. And I've gotten one done every day so far this month. *is proud of myself*

Did not get my steps today, again, but it was raining outside so eh. That's fall. I'll keep on trying. I also ate way too much chocolate ice cream tonight but it was so good! Bad me.

Got about 1500 words written, finishing off the current chapter in Reunited Hearts. It was a fun one but the next chapter is going to be where things start going pearshaped, I think. I hope. Right now it's lovely with lots of personal drama and yearning but little actual substance to the story. Everything falls right into place for them which gives pretty much no bite to the story. Gotta fix that.

Goals for tomorrow include writing, exercises, watercolor experimentation, and, maybe, harvesting my poor beans which are starting to die on the vine. *winces* I really gotta pull them in pronto before they rot.

Off to bath and bed for me--goodnight everyone!

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Better today, thankfully

I got 2400 words written, finishing one chapter and writing half the next. I really am enjoying this story. I wish I had more time to work on it because I think it'd fly off my fingers if I could give it two or three hour blocks of time. I'm managing fifteen to sixty minutes a day right now and it's driving me crazy. *sigh*

I've got another watercolor experiment for Inktober started. I'm just waiting for the paper to dry enough to do the inks now. It's a post-sunset, everything is blue and dark picture with a torrii in Japan, right on the ocean. I like what I have so far. Might try to finish it before I head off to bath and bed. Either way, when it's done I'll link you guys so you can see it if you want.

Got my steps today as the hubby wanted to go for a walk when I got home. We went before dinner and I was very glad that it wasn't raining. Exercise is hard when it's rainy. Sadly it's rainy far too much in western Washington. Like eight to ten months of the year.

Work remains obnoxiously busy. I tried again to get some of my duties shifted to someone else. Don't know if I'll succeed but I've got my fingers crossed. I really don't know why I'm the one in charge of calibration when I don't do anything at all for it besides file records that I don't understand. Hopefully the boss will shift that over to the new guy in the department. You know, when he gets hired on from temping.

Goals for tomorrow include writing, exercises, watercolor experiments for Inktober, and starting the research for my travel book that I'm going to write when we take our trip to Japan. The Path of the 47 Ronin is going to be not about the 47 Ronin themselves but about what their path looks like now and all the cool things you can see and do along it. We've got PLANS. I just have to set up the book, figure out releases for pictures and interviews and the like, and then write the damned thing while we're there. I'm planning on travelogue rather than the sort of travel book that says 'go here do this it costs that much watch for this'.

Anyway, I'm off to finish my Inktober picture and then its bath and bedtime. Goodnight everyone!

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Not much success today

I only got 848 words written today. Partly due to cleaning up after the BBQ ribs but also due to getting sucked into when you wake by sevenfoxes. It's a Steve centric time loop fic that will tear your heart out. So damned good! Time travel is and always will be my kryptonite. Love stories like that! *clutches heart*

Either way, I didn't have much writing time today. Did get my Inktober from yesterday and for today done. They're both super-quick, no more than 20 minutes or so spent on them. Working quick is kind of fun. Interestingly, this paper is much less ameniable to making changes by lifting watercolor or blending while wet than some of the other paper I have. Just sucks the paint right in and doesn't let it change. Makes working quick a necessity.

Good way to learn, I think.

Missed my steps again, damn it. And definitely didn't do well on the eating. The BBQ ribs turned out better than last time, a tiny bit dry and far too salty but I still liked them. For a second attempt they were pretty good. We'll keep working at it. Next time we're changing the rub we use for something with less salt and more sugar.

Goals for tomorrow include writing, watercolor experimentation for Inktober, exercises, and that's about it that I can think of now.

Off to bath and bed for me--goodnight everyone!

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Busy days, ugh

Today was one of those busy days where things are going smoothly and then fifty 'do it now!' things land in your lap. Two of them right before time to leave. *glares at people* Got them done but I'm not terribly happy with those who deposited them in my lap last minute.

Despite that, I managed to get another chapter written. The romance is moving, yay! The rising challenges... not so sure about. I mean, I'm at about 25K so I need something happening but I'm not sure where they're going yet. Tomorrow should crank things up a little bit. Yannick and Jerry have some accord between them. Jerry and Hasenkamp, not so much. That'll have to wait for another couple of chapters and, hopefully, more drama to happen.

Got my exercises. Way low on my steps. Such is life. I did do reasonably good on the eating, anyway. I do still need to up the walking. It won't be long before we're off to Japan for our trip.

I did another quick watercolor sketch but because I haven't added the inks to it I'm not sharing it yet. It's kind of fun doing ten minute watercolor sketches. I'm learning a bit about painting with watercolor doing it. So success? I think success.

Goals for tomorrow include writing, too much work (ugh!), exercises, watercolor experimentation, and having BBQ ribs for dinner. Our second attempt! Should be interesting to see how they are as we're changing the cooking time a and method a bit.

Off to bath and bed for me--goodnight everyone!

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Threesome might be a go

Not sure yet. Jerry's still fighting telling me what his issues are but the current chapter (2400 words today!) made it seem more likely. More likely to be a pairing of Hasenkamp and Yannick with Jerry as an orbiting partner in a poly arrangement but hey, it's fun so far to write.

I did another piece of art for Inktober, this time a redraw of a picture of a meditating Buddhist monk. Pretty pleased with it even if the perspective on the boards is all wrong.

Got the groceries done. Still need to fold laundry. That's something to do after this post while the bath is filling.

Kobo still hasn't approved the latest novel so I can't put up the Now Available post. *glares at Kobo* I hate it when they drag their feet. They better get it done Monday or I'll be peeved.

I'm thinking that I'll get the next two Drath romance novels set up as preorders so I don't have to worry about it. Maybe. We'll see what happens. I may just not get it done until time. I'm planning on one each month until I run out of them. Which may be a while as I'm having a blast writing these books.

Goals for tomorrow include writing, exercises, more Inktober art, maybe working on my robot doll girl who's been patiently waiting for me to get back to the last tweaks to her body, and that's about it.

Off to laundry, bath and bed for me--hope you all had a great weekend!

Goodnight everyone!

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October starts with a successful day

Yay! I got 2300 words written, another chapter, on the newest Drath romance novel. Things are getting complicated for the boys in that more help, unexpected and unwanted help, is impinging on them. Which means the romance needs to be sorted out quickly. Yeah, right. Like that's going to happen. *evil writer grin* I'm just short of halfway through the book. It's the time of complications and rising tensions and I'm having much fun with that.

Also took a load of discarded railroad ties and old fence to the dump this morning. We've got one more load to go and it'll be gone until we get to the last line next year. Yay!

Then we went to the mall and got Legos, gummy bears, Lush bath bombs and ate Coldstone Creamery ice cream. I had dark chocolate with strawberries and it was very, very good.

Once home I was exhausted (didn't sleep well last night) so I napped. And then it was dinner, quick art time, and writing. So yeah, pretty darn successful today even if I didn't get my arm exercises done. At least I got my steps in.

Goals for tomorrow include getting a frame for my business license, groceries, laundry, writing, more art (probably watercolor with inks), and that's about it that I can think of now.

Hope you all had a great Saturday--goodnight everyone!

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I got the book published! I'm only waiting on Kobo to approve it and then I can make the formal post. It's now up on Amazon, CreateSpace and Smashwords if you're interested in getting it. Or checking it out. $3.99 for the ebook, $14.99 for the TPB and my first lesbian couple on this series. Though Bala is intersex she identifies as female.

And there's a cute puppy in the story who makes it through to the end just fine! So you know, there's that. *grin*

I got 1400 words on the latest book in the series (there's two more between Consort and the latest one, Reunited hearts). Jerry, the 'obstacle' to the romance appears to be asexual and very uncomfortable discussing it. But he does want to watch Hasenkamp and Yannick together. And Hasenkamp has officially broached the idea of threesome. Because that's how I, and he, roll.

I ate WAY too much today. The boss took my department out to lunch and I had really good chicken fettucini alfredo with garlic bread for lunch and then came home and had smoked pork loin with Rice-A-Roni for dinner. I have too many calories and I don't care. Did get my exercises and my steps but it's so not enough to make up for it all. Don't care!

Goals for tomorrow include taking a load of old fence boards to the dump with the hubby, going out to the mall for grapefruit gummy bears (if they have them finally!), writing and maybe doing some painting.

Now though it's time for bath and bed. Goodnight everyone--hope you have a great Friday night!

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Much done...

...Just not much writing. I got 730 words written today which I count as very good indeed as I spent my writing time getting the newest novel ready to publish today. The cover, blurb, ebook and POD are all ready. I just need to upload them tomorrow and it'll be done. A month later than I wanted but hey, that's life.

In self publishing news, I got my business license today! It's a very bland little bit of paper but I'm going to display it proudly. :D Which, you know, is actually required by law so yeah, it's a thing. I shall be buying a frame this weekend.

We fixed the last panel of the fence today. Well, the last one that we're going to do this year. Three of the four lines are done. What's left is two very short lines on either side of the house. Which includes two gates that we're very much not looking forward to replacing. The posts need to be dug up and replaced which... ugh. So much ugh. But that's next year's project, thankfully. The weather's about to go and we're very done with it for now.

I'm short on my steps again and I didn't do well on the eating (carrot cake for lunch plus a little ice cream after dinner is not a good thing for calories). But I did do my arm exercises again so I didn't fail everywhere. *shrug* I'll need to get back at it this weekend. Tomorrow will be a wash-out too given that my boss is taking my department out to lunch at an Italian restaurant. Not likely to have a low calorie day.

So, goals for tomorrow are write, get the book uploaded everywhere, exercises, not founder myself on food, and that's about it.

Off to bath and bed for me--goodnight everyone!

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Some progress

The hubby and I went to get supplies for the last panel of the fence after work today. We'll finish that out tomorrow and I'll be very glad to be done for the year. Still have one line with two gates left but that's next spring. Always presuming it survives the winter. *crosses fingers*

I was very busy at work today so I only got 250 words while there. And then with the errands (and IHOP for dinner) I didn't have much time once I got home. I ended up with 1100 words for the day.

And then promptly scowled and got the POD version of the next novel done, other than putting in credit for the cover images. The cover's not done. Thus I can't put in the credit. Tomorrow. That will be done tomorrow come hell or high water. And I'm going to get the ebook done tomorrow, too so that I can upload it Friday morning.

Did get my steps today. Did not do my arm exercises. I need to get back at that. I also didn't do that hot on the eating as I had carrot cake for lunch and we had IHOP for dinner so yeah, calories were high. I'll try to do better tomorrow.

Goals for tomorrow include getting the book ready to publish, writing, exercises, fixing the fence and I think that's about it. That's plenty for one day. Man, I wish I could ditch the day job but that's not going to happen anytime soon. *sad sigh*

Off to bath and bed for me--goodnight everyone!

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I got 2900 words written today and I started the cover for this week's book. And got the cover blurb written. I'll need to finish the cover and POD tomorrow if I want to make my goal of publishing by Friday but I think I can do it.

The novel's going well and wow, UST by the bucket! *grin* It's going to be fun next chapter because that's where I'll see if it turns into a threesome or something else.

Didn't get my steps. Don't much care. I should. I've only got 2 months left to the trip to Japan and I really do need to get my endurance up. Still don't. I enjoyed relaxing a bit tonight.

Tomorrow's goals are write, exercises, pick my beans as they're about done in the garden, and pick up supplies for the last fence panel of the year. Not sure I'll get the beans but I'll try.

Off to bath and bed for me--goodnight everyone!

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Didn't get much writing today

But I finally (at long last!) started the process of getting the next novel out. It's about 1/2 done for POD and I've got a good guess of how long it will be so I can make the cover tomorrow. At last. Jeez. It's been done for almost two months now. *shakes head at myself*

Because of that I only got about 600 words written but I have a good idea of where I'm going for the next, oh, 2000 or so words so it's all good. Writing into the Dark? Oh yeah, we're doing it. *grin*

A little short on the steps today but we fixed another section of the fence so I don't care that much. I did good on the eating so it balances out.

Goals for tomorrow include work, writing, getting the cover and POD for this week's novel done and exercises. Plus maybe putting up the art I got at Steamposium. Once I figure out where I want it to go.

Off to bath and bed for me--goodnight everyone!

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