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Sorry to those that this offends but that's my position on the issue.

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Okay, here's the thing. This used to be a post showing links to all of my stories that I had posted to date. I kept it up pretty good for a long while (several years), but in the last couple of years I've totally failed in updating it.

It's gotten bad enough that I'm redoing this entirely and reorganizing how the Archive is set up. I had it organized by original story or fandom with no regard as to when I wrote the story. That doesn't work for me anymore.


What that means is that I'm going to do separate posts for each year's writing and then link to them here with a description of what sort of stories I was writing that year. Obviously, that's not done yet but they will be showing up soon, and once that's done I'll update this post again with all my notes and warnings and so forth.

In the meantime, you can find my stories in the tags and if there's something that you remember and can't find feel free to message me or leave a comment with a description of the story and I'll track it down for you.

If you're worried about leaving a comment, or concrit of some sort don't be. I welcome all feedback and appreciate everything I get. I wrote out my feelings on Comments, Concrit, Recs, and Reviews at a time when there was a bit of a dustup going on in LJ land. That's over here for those interested or curious.

I do apologize for the inconvenience to those who rely on this Archive. I'll have the new ones up as quickly as I possibly can.

Thank you for your interest in my stories!

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Much done...

...Just not much writing. I got 730 words written today which I count as very good indeed as I spent my writing time getting the newest novel ready to publish today. The cover, blurb, ebook and POD are all ready. I just need to upload them tomorrow and it'll be done. A month later than I wanted but hey, that's life.

In self publishing news, I got my business license today! It's a very bland little bit of paper but I'm going to display it proudly. :D Which, you know, is actually required by law so yeah, it's a thing. I shall be buying a frame this weekend.

We fixed the last panel of the fence today. Well, the last one that we're going to do this year. Three of the four lines are done. What's left is two very short lines on either side of the house. Which includes two gates that we're very much not looking forward to replacing. The posts need to be dug up and replaced which... ugh. So much ugh. But that's next year's project, thankfully. The weather's about to go and we're very done with it for now.

I'm short on my steps again and I didn't do well on the eating (carrot cake for lunch plus a little ice cream after dinner is not a good thing for calories). But I did do my arm exercises again so I didn't fail everywhere. *shrug* I'll need to get back at it this weekend. Tomorrow will be a wash-out too given that my boss is taking my department out to lunch at an Italian restaurant. Not likely to have a low calorie day.

So, goals for tomorrow are write, get the book uploaded everywhere, exercises, not founder myself on food, and that's about it.

Off to bath and bed for me--goodnight everyone!

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Some progress

The hubby and I went to get supplies for the last panel of the fence after work today. We'll finish that out tomorrow and I'll be very glad to be done for the year. Still have one line with two gates left but that's next spring. Always presuming it survives the winter. *crosses fingers*

I was very busy at work today so I only got 250 words while there. And then with the errands (and IHOP for dinner) I didn't have much time once I got home. I ended up with 1100 words for the day.

And then promptly scowled and got the POD version of the next novel done, other than putting in credit for the cover images. The cover's not done. Thus I can't put in the credit. Tomorrow. That will be done tomorrow come hell or high water. And I'm going to get the ebook done tomorrow, too so that I can upload it Friday morning.

Did get my steps today. Did not do my arm exercises. I need to get back at that. I also didn't do that hot on the eating as I had carrot cake for lunch and we had IHOP for dinner so yeah, calories were high. I'll try to do better tomorrow.

Goals for tomorrow include getting the book ready to publish, writing, exercises, fixing the fence and I think that's about it. That's plenty for one day. Man, I wish I could ditch the day job but that's not going to happen anytime soon. *sad sigh*

Off to bath and bed for me--goodnight everyone!

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I got 2900 words written today and I started the cover for this week's book. And got the cover blurb written. I'll need to finish the cover and POD tomorrow if I want to make my goal of publishing by Friday but I think I can do it.

The novel's going well and wow, UST by the bucket! *grin* It's going to be fun next chapter because that's where I'll see if it turns into a threesome or something else.

Didn't get my steps. Don't much care. I should. I've only got 2 months left to the trip to Japan and I really do need to get my endurance up. Still don't. I enjoyed relaxing a bit tonight.

Tomorrow's goals are write, exercises, pick my beans as they're about done in the garden, and pick up supplies for the last fence panel of the year. Not sure I'll get the beans but I'll try.

Off to bath and bed for me--goodnight everyone!

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Didn't get much writing today

But I finally (at long last!) started the process of getting the next novel out. It's about 1/2 done for POD and I've got a good guess of how long it will be so I can make the cover tomorrow. At last. Jeez. It's been done for almost two months now. *shakes head at myself*

Because of that I only got about 600 words written but I have a good idea of where I'm going for the next, oh, 2000 or so words so it's all good. Writing into the Dark? Oh yeah, we're doing it. *grin*

A little short on the steps today but we fixed another section of the fence so I don't care that much. I did good on the eating so it balances out.

Goals for tomorrow include work, writing, getting the cover and POD for this week's novel done and exercises. Plus maybe putting up the art I got at Steamposium. Once I figure out where I want it to go.

Off to bath and bed for me--goodnight everyone!

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Quick post

I'm back from Steamposium! And very, very tired as we went to the burlesque show last night which meant not enough sleep. But it was fun other than people screaming in our ears.

Managed to keep up my writing over the weekend but only barely. Today's total was only 600 words. Still better than letting the streak die IMO.

I did very well on steps over the weekend, not so well on eating since it was eating out. Things should get back to normal now that we're home until Thanksgiving.

Goals for tomorrow include getting the POD for the next novel started (finished???), writing, exercises, doing a panel of the fence as the weather should be good and that's about it.

Off to bath and bed as it's back to work tomorrow.

Goodnight everyone!

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I feel somewhat better today

I managed to get just over 8 actual hours of sleep last night. Took 10 hours in bed but I did it. Stupid cold. Either way, I felt much more like a human today.

Which meant that yes, I actually got stuff done. I got 2300 words written on the new novel and wow, the UST could be cut with a knife. I'm not sure how I'm going to drag this one out. They really want to fuck right now and a simple conversation might (maybe) clear things up quickly. Obstacles! I need obstacles to my HEA! *grin*

Thankfully, I don't think it'll be too hard to come up with them in short order. This might be the first of this series to have explicit sex scenes, though. *wags eyebrows*

Didn't get my steps today despite the fact that I can almost breathe properly again. I just didn't take the time as we had prep for Steamposium to do. Which is done other than final bag things up. It's a local con so it's not like we're taking a plane somewhere or anything. I will be bringing my computer because I've written for 136 days straight and I don't want to ruin that record by not bringing my computer with me. Probably won't be much writing but I'm going to try.

Goals for tomorrow are pretty simple: write a little, Steamposium, eat good food and have fun. Oh and try not to cough up a lung from this stupid cold.

Off to bath and bed for me--goodnight everyone!

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I slept so bad last night. Couldn't get to sleep for ages and then I had a massive coughing fit in the night so I've been a zombie all day. I'm so damned tired.

Which meant work was a fog and I only manged 15 minutes of writing today. I did get 740 words because I knew exactly how to start the next scene but it's not what I wanted yesterday. Or earlier. But that's what I can manage today so I'm taking it.

No surprise, I didn't get my steps. Didn't get my exercises. And I didn't do all that hot on eating either. Not a total wash on the food side but I definitely ate more than I should in an effort to get more energy. It failed.

Goals for tomorrow include (depending on sleep of course) writing, publishing efforts, exercises, laying out outfits for Steamposium and that's about it.

I'm off to a super-early bath and incredibly early bedtime so that I don't spend tomorrow as a zombie too.

Goodnight everyone!

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So tired today

I'm not over the cold yet, obviously. I spent the whole day dragging my ass. Not coughing too bad, only a couple of coughing fits, but I was wiped. Ugh. I hope I get my energy back before Friday or Steamposium is going to be very, very, very low-key.

Despite that, I got 2100 words written on the new novel--second chapter is done and yeah, this is going to work really well. :D Yannick's just spotted his long-lost lover Hasenkamp and realized that nope, not over him. And oh crap, Jerry, Hasenkamp's right hand man is head over heels for Hasenkamp so there's no room for getting back together.

Yannick has no idea just how painfully obvious he is about pining. XD

Next chapter is going to be so much fun to write! *bounces* I wonder if I could maneuver them into a threesome? Don't know yet. We'll see what happens.

Exercises were a nope. So were steps, obviously. I did do my best on the eating. I did not have carrot cake for dessert. I was good.

I cut a piece to eat tomorrow for lunch instead. *grin*

Goals for tomorrow include writing that next chapter (or 2), working (please!) on getting a novel ready for publishing, exercises, making sure that I have costumes for Steamposium and that's about it.

Off to bath and early bed because I'm so tired. Goodnight everyone!

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That's better, finally!

Not only has the cold gotten better (not all the way but much improved from yesterday) I got a ton of writing done today. And I got awesome birthday presents, too. New glitter pens in six colors that'll be fun to play with (if messy) and watercolor samples to try out and a new remote meat thermometer I've been eyeballing for ages and a watercolor notebook for doing sketches in the field that should work great when we're in Japan.

All things I wanted and they even arrived on time today. :D

Didn't get any art done (other than playing with the glitter pens and making a mess) but I wrote like crazy.

I finished another book! *cheers*

I now have three books backed up that I have to publish. *cringes* Need to get on that. Super bad.

I've also started the next-next book, this time with an older couple. Hasenkamp is Imani's father (she was one of the protagonists of the third book, as yet unpublished). He's going to be meeting up with an old flame from the fourth (yes, unpublished) book because this time the theme is reunion. Which I'm taking in the broadest sense of things. No old high school flames here. Sorry. Not happening.

Should be fun though. All the other books have focused on younger couples. Getting a couple closer to my age will be a blast. And they're both egregiously bi so yeah, it's going to be amusing to write. I just have to figure out what role Jerry, Hasenkamp's right hand man (and possible sometimes fling) is going to play. Not sure yet.

...Man, I really need to get these books out so other people can read them.

It's highly unlikely to happen this week due to Steamposium in Seattle. The hubby and I are going down on Friday and staying until Sunday. So yeah. Three days? Not much time to get everything done. Still. Should work on it.

Steps were a no-go again today. I'm feeling better. Not good enough to push the exercise thing, though. And calories were not counted as it's my 49th birthday today. I am officially old. *shrugs* Here's to another 49 or so. Staying home, writing my ass off and playing with glitter pens was a pretty awesome birthday if I do say so myself. Especially since I got carrot cake for dessert.

Goals for tomorrow include getting my desk unburied from all the work I missed on Friday and today, writing, picking up my new glasses after work, and *crosses fingers* starting to get the next novel ready for publication.

Off to bath and bed for me--goodnight everyone!

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My chest hurts.

Too much coughing. And sniffling. And general ugh. I hate being sick.

Despite that and the cold medicine, I did some watercolor today. I'm even mostly happy with how it turned out. Posted about it over on Tumblr if you want to see what I did. Buddhist pictures in pretty colors if you don't want to peek.

Could it be better? Oh hell yes. But I'm happy with what I did because I did something. And it's not crap. The whole point of this, for me anyway, is to just do some art on a regular basis. Doesn't have to be perfect. Just has to be done. And then I have to respect it because that's the only way I'll keep going. Thus I framed the pieces and will be putting them on the wall.

Even though when I look closely I cringe.

I also got some writing done, 2600 words. Don't know how good it was but hey, I tried. And again, what matters is that I got it done, not that it's perfect. I'll work at it again tomorrow when, Hopefully, I feel better.

Goals for tomorrow include writing, groceries, laundry, working on the robot girl, and getting better.

Now I'm off to an early bath and bedtime because still sick and cold and ugh.

Goodnight everyone!

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Stupid cold

I'm well and truly sick. Stupid cold. Head with a little bit of coughing, occasional nausea. I spend 85% of the day sleeping and the rest dying. Did, just to keep my writing streak, take 17 minutes to write 785 words on the latest book. It was super-clear in my head so I'm pretty sure that it came out well. Hopefully I'll get some more written tomorrow as the next bit is very clear, too.

Virtually no steps. No exercises. Terrible eating habits. I did do my best to drink lots of water, the better to flush this thing out.

Goals for tomorrow include carve out 500+ words on the book, sleep, getting over this cold and maybe, if I can sit up and focus for long enough, a little watercolor experimentation. Didn't have the strength or ability to focus my eyes today.

Off to bath and bed--goodnight everyone!

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Short post tonight...

...as I've caught a cold. It's still hitting but I'm already miserable. Head cold, sore throat, runny nose, achey body. Ugh. I may stay home tomorrow as my boss has a depressed immune system and I don't want to get him sick. He outright said he'd rather I stay home than come to work sick.

Which is good. Especially since I have the leave to cover it.

Got 3000 words written on the story and I'm right at the Black Moment. There's maybe four chapters left of the book and I'm not sure yet how I'm going to wrap it up. We'll see. I know the girls want to be together but people are tearing them apart pretty strongly right now so yeah, it'll be a challenge to get them to their happy ending. Always provided I can think well enough tomorrow to write.

Got 500 steps shy of my goal for today but I really don't care. Being sick sucks.

Also didn't do any watercolor despite my best intentions.

Goals for tomorrow include not being sick (or staying home if I am), writing, exercises and watercolor. Maybe pizza for dinner. Hopefully I can talk the hubby into it even if I do stay home.

Off to bath and then cold meds before bed. Goodnight everyone!

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Such a good dinner

The BBQ turned out very good. The hubby used Cherry wood and it turned out a four out of five on my personal scale. Very good but not as good as Peach wood which is my ultimate favorite so far.

I got another chapter done on the novel. Sushila and Min-Su have split up and they're now going to have forces attempting to tear them apart for good. Forces that have their best interests at heart, no less. Should be much fun to write them getting back together despite everything. :D

Got my steps and then some. Necessary after the BBQ dinner. Also got my exercises. I'm... more or less okay on the food today? Not great but not a total pig out.

Tomorrow's goals are write, actually get another novel started for publication instead of just thinking about it damn it, exercises, and watercolor. Which I didn't get anything done on tonight. Too many other things going on. *sad sigh*

Off to bath and bed for me--goodnight everyone!

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Busy day yet again

I got 3 and 5 minute chunks of time to write today until well after dinner. Which sucks. Despite that, I managed to get 2500 words written and now I'm up to the dramatic confrontation between Sushila and Min-Su where everything hangs by a thread. I'm thinking that it's going to cause hurt feelings, worries that everything is falling apart and then it'll be time for the 'how dare you take a blow intended for me I thought you were going to die please don't ever leave me!' moment. Which I've been writing towards since I started this book. XD

Min-Su remains unstoppable but things are getting so huge and complicated that she's starting to feel like things are slipping through her fingers. Which is good. And Sushila's already at the point of 'wtf how do I cope with all of this?'

Yes, I'm having far too much fun. *happy dance*

I didn't quite make my step count today. About 300 short. But we got another section of the fence done and I'm very sore so I don't care. Oddly, my step counter is being difficult so I need to reset it. *grumbles*

Got another sketch for watercolor. Didn't paint any of them. I really need to work on that. And maybe share pictures if I don't hate them once I paint them.

Goals for tomorrow include BBQ for dinner (the hubby's making it, I'm just eating it), writing, get started on the next novel to publish, exercises, watercolor experimentation and that's about it.

Off to shower and bed as it's too late for a bath. Woe.

Goodnight everyone!

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Moving sucks

Even when it's just moving your desk around the office. The walls were indeed put up over the weekend at work. And we spent most of the morning getting everything settled into its new places. I have a nice little corner slot with a window at my back and, sadly, one of the less likely to bathe men sitting on the other side of the cubical wall. Can't be helped. At least he spends most of his time on the plant floor.

Somehow, I got a rash on my right wrist over the night. No idea what I got into or how I did it but there's a stripe on my wrist right where my watchband should go. Very odd that. I'm using Hydrocortisone 10+ on it and the itch is pretty much nonexistent. Hopefully it'll go away soon. At least it's not spreading.

Got 2100 words written. Not as much as I wanted but hey, I lost a good third of the day to the move and then we did another fence panel when I got home. So I'm tired, a little disappointed I didn't get farther on the book but still satisfied. Min-Su has decided that the only way to save her mother (who has an explosive implant she never told Min-Su about) is to take over the government. *grin* Min-Su really is an unstoppable force. It's going to be fun to get some of her worries into the next chapter because things keep piling on deeper and she's going to break soon. Probably about the time Sushila takes a knife or blaster hit or something for her. XD

Did another watercolor sketch but I didn't take the time to paint it yet. I'll try to get that tomorrow. This one is a full moon behind clouds with a dark sky behind it. Not sure if I'll put stars in or not yet but it should be fun to paint one way or the other.

Goals for tomorrow include writing, exercises (which I did well on today due to all the moving stuff), watercolor experimentation, and reading about kayaking. The hubby thinks it might be a fun sport to take up so it's time to learn more.

Off to bath and bed for me--goodnight everyone!

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Busy day but I was successful

The hubby and I went out to the movies today. He saw Suicide Squad (and didn't much like it) and I saw Kubo and the Two Strings and LOVED it. Such a great movie! I highly recommend it. And fully intend to buy it when it comes out.

In addition, we did laundry and groceries and the hubby bought more wood for fixing the fence after the movies. Then we went on a nearly 3 mile walk around town which was good. I very much got my steps today.

Before the movie I went next door to a department store and got 4x6 watercolor cards so that I can play with watercolor at a smaller scale. I seem to like small scale painting. I've got one sketch of a mountain scene I want to try to paint so I can attempt to get my observations on light and shadow into action. We'll see if I can actually pull it off. I also did a little bit of watercolor on one of the Buddha pictures. First layer of color is down and now I need to do more to give it some depth. Tomorrow.

And then after dinner I got 2300 words written on the latest book. I'm throwing complications at them and seeing what they do. Should be interesting though I do need to make sure that I keep the focus on the romance, not on the adventure. Not easy sometimes. Like now. *grin*

Goals for tomorrow include moving my desk into its new location (always provided the supposedly over the weekend remodel went as planned), exercises, writing, doing some watercolor and spending time with the hubby.

Off to bath and bed for me--goodnight everyone!

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Missed my post last night

But I was super tired so I just didn't care.

Yesterday was moving desks day. They're remodeling the office over the weekend, putting in prefab walls to create proper office spaces. That meant that we had to get all of our desks moved from their current locations to approximately where they were going to be on Monday. Lots of physical labor, shoving things around and getting stuff set up.

Then, after I got home (early! I got to leave work half an hour early with full pay!) the hubby and I did two panels on the fence. So I was wiped out and just didn't get to the computer.

Despite everything, I got just short of 1000 words written yesterday. I count that as a win.

Then today I woke up and got a migraine so that sort of threw a wrench in all our plans. Except that I decided not to let it destroy the whole day. I took pain meds, napped for an hour and a half, and then got up. We went to the mall, got lunch, looked at Legos, got spices (I had a free spice bottle coming for my birthday this month), and bought gummy bears. They still didn't have my grapefruit gummy bears though. *pouts*

After that we came home and the hubby went to battle with our Xbox which had an update go wrong and wouldn't work. Not sure it's fixed yet. He may have to take it in if his fix didn't work right.

I settled in and decided that migraine was no excuse not to write. I got 3400 words written today because once I got going it was easy to keep going. Not sure I have full detail in there but hey, I got words. I'll take it and review it all tomorrow.

One thing I did yesterday that seemed to have connected today was read a book about drawing that I've had for years that never made sense. It talked about how shadows, cast and proximate, define the shapes of things. Also how level of detail tells you if something is close or far away. And, maybe because of the migraine or maybe not, as we were driving to and from the mall I actually could see how that works.

Never had been able to before. I mean, I could see the shadows. I could see the colors. How light affected things. But I could never work out how to transfer what my eye saw into a drawing. And today it actually made sense and I could make out how I could do it on a painting or drawing.

Progress! Of course, I do need to actually try doing it instead of just looking at it but I'll take progress where I can get it. This is something that's stumped me since high school art classes.

Goals for tomorrow include going to see Kubo, getting groceries, laundry, writing and maybe actually getting to the watercolor I have sketched out.

Off to bath, pain meds and bed as my head does still hurt--goodnight everyone!

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Just shy of halfway!

I'm at 19,800 words on the newest novel which means I'm almost halfway done. They're ending up around 42-45K. Still having a blast. I got the girls off the station so now I'm shutting them up in a ship by themselves under the influence of a mind-altering engine that will make them more prone to spilling their guts. And then I'll dump them into a bloody horrible mess. I'm thinking I need to break Min-Su's reserve somehow and right not it looks like Sushila's going to take a knife for her. And then Min-Su's going to lose it on everyone and everything. *evil writer grin*

Got my steps and exercises. Not as much distance as I wanted but I really wanted to get back to the book. I think I've mapped out a 4 mile route around town that could be stretched to about 5-6 miles if I push it and make duplicate loops. That's good. I do need to work on gaining more stamina and distance for the walking. maybe tomorrow I'll try out the 4 mile route. Definitely Saturday or Sunday.

No watercolor or doll painting today. I spent the time prepping for making slow cooker chili tomorrow. Had to brown off the hamburger so it'll just gain flavor all day tomorrow.

I'm not sure how much I'll get done tomorrow as there's going to be office remodeling over the weekend. We're going to be moving desks around tomorrow afternoon which will dramatically cut into my normal work time. And tire me out, too. So who knows what I'll actually manage to accomplish.

That said, my goals are to write, get my exercises, do a little bit of watercolor, maybe paint a little on the doll and that's about it.

Off to bath and bed for me--goodnight everyone!

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Busy days suck

Work was insanely busy which meant I got not one word written until after dinner. I still managed to get 2200 words written but it wasn't at all what I wanted to get finished. Darn it. The story's hot and heavy on me and I just want to write! *pouty face*

Sushila and Min-Su are turning into a very effective and scary team which is a blast to write. I'm having to fight against Too Much Knowledge because Min-Su is auditing. And I teach auditing. And have done it for 20 years. Interesting To Me is not Interesting To Other People. I keep reminding myself of that as I write and not putting all the nitty gritty little questions and observations in.

It was really rainy today so there was no walk after work. Sucks. Hard to ramp the exercise up when you have rain pouring down outside. And a hatred of wet shoes. *grin*

No watercolor either but I did spend a little more time on the new robot girl. Most of the rust color has been added. Very shortly I'll be able to start work on her lines and antiquing her. Then I'll have to tackle her face which is the part I'm really putting off. Hope I don't mess that up!

Goals for tomorrow include writing, exercises, watercolor experimentation, and that's about it.

Off to bath and bed--goodnight everyone!

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Some good, some not so good

Good: I got my teeth cleaned, no problems, made yummy pot roast, did a bunch of work even though my day was cut short for the dentist appointment and I wrote 2600 words. Better than expected given the dentist.

Not so good: I planned on upping my steps today so that I'd hit 2.5 miles during our evening walk. I only got 2.11 miles. *sigh* Underestimated the distance traveled. I'll adjust tomorrow. The goal is to be solidly at 3 miles by the end of the week.

No watercolor tonight but I didn't really expect that given the rest of the stuff going on. I'll try to get a bit tomorrow.

Goals for tomorrow including writing, 2.5 miles of walking (plus the normal daily steps), watercolor and that's about it that I can remember. Oh yeah, I still need to get the hubby that birthday list! Gotta get on that.

Off to bath and bed for me. Goodnight everyone!

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Another successful day, despite mistakes

I got 4200 words written on the newest novel. Still having a blast and still not sure exactly where it's going. It's always fun when the story grows. Sushila's Imposter Syndrome hasn't really kicked in yet but it's about to. And Min-Su is fiercely unstoppable by everything including common sense. *grin* I do love writing unstoppable forces assailing life.

This was accomplished before and then after yard work which was a bigger job than expected. We took down one panel of the fence and then cut the crossbeams to fit into the hole. Only to discover that one of the boards had a bad warp to it that made it impossible to use. Thus the hubby had to run out to get more boards. That's an hour and a half trip from our house, round trip. Ugh!

So while he was gone I went to the front yard and did a massive amount of weeding, pruning and general cleaning up of the flower beds. Pruned the roses, got bit by them. Pruned the bushes that were trying to take over the world. Pulled up tons of grass that decided flower beds are lovely places to live.

And then when the hubby got back we put down beauty bark and then headed to the back yard to get back on the fence. Which was finished in short order.

Then it was time to bring in the BBQ the hubby had started. He tried pecan wood this time in the smoker. We're not that happy with it, honestly. I mean, it was good BBQ. Nice and tender and almost all the fat cooked out but the flavor wasn't what we were looking for. Still quite edible. Just not 'want to put more in my mouth NOW' tasty. Peach is our solid winner at the moment.

I sketched out two more 6x6 watercolors but didn't get them done. Both Buddhas. One another face and then one that focused on the torso and hands in a teaching mudra. I'm thinking the torso one will be in reds and oranges and the face will be in blues and purples. Going to try and get those going this week. We'll see how it goes.

My birthday's coming up and I really need to remember to get my birthday list to the hubby so he can buy things. Must remember to do that tomorrow. Though tomorrow we have dentist appointments so who knows if I'll succeed on that?

Goals for tomorrow are write, dentist appointment (and asking about where it feels like I chipped one of my front teeth), exercises, watercolor and pot roast for dinner. Slow cooker pot roast so it'll be easy.

Off to bath and bed. Goodnight everyone!

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So much fun

I'm really having a blast with the newest book. The characters both thing the other is out of their league, they're both very competent in different ways and they're both very attracted to each other. Whee! Now I just have to get them in motion and throw problems at them. :D

I got 2700 words written today. A lot less than yesterday but I did some more watercolor (failed) and went grocery shopping, did laundry, all that good stuff. Also bought myself a starter pack of gouache paints to use with the watercolors and I like them. They're nicely like watercolor just opaque.

Also discovered that frames are designed for 5" x 5" pieces, mostly, not 6" x 6" so I've adjusted how I'm painting my little pieces. I have 6" x 6" pieces of watercolor that I'm practicing on. I did buy a frame, one designed to hold three 5x5 pieces of art so I'm making three Buddhas and I'll put it on my wall in my writing office.

Once I overcome my automatic belief that any art I create is not worthy of framing. Which is part of why I went with Buddhas. I can say it's faith, not being proud of my art. Might even get me over the hump to liking my art for more than one consecutive second. Which is the goal.

Got my steps and exercises today. Also did pretty good on the eating. I do intend to do some ramping up on the step count. When we go to Japan for Thanksgiving we'll be doing a 7-mile hike on the first day. I want to be able to do it and not die so yeah, being able to do 7 miles without difficulty is the goal. Two months to get there! I'm doing well on 2 miles currently so I'll just have to get more steps every week.

Goals for tomorrow are not go to work (yay for holidays!), write, get this week's book ready for publishing, finish the laundry, watercolor, fix the fence (maybe, depends on weather) and do a good bit of yard work. My hubby's father is coming at the end of the month so we need to spiff things up a bit. *shrug*

Off to bath and bed for me--goodnight everyone!

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Very good writing day

I got 5400 words written today because the hubby's cold took a turn for the worse so we stayed home and did exactly nothing. I wrote. He played Lego games. We watched Good Eats and Mythbusters. That was the sum-total of the day.

That said, I got the book finished! *happy dance* And immediately started in on the next book, which has a lesbian couple this time. With a short, stocky South Asian woman who gives no fucks and takes no shit and a tall, slender East Asian woman who's an assassin who suffers from Imposter Syndrome. So far it's a blast to write because they're just so much fun to pair off. And to throw against each other.

Only two chapters into it and I'm already delighted by Min-Su and Sushila.

I so didn't even get vaguely close to my steps today. I seriously didn't set one foot outside until it was time to grill burgers for dinner. I did get my exercises but the sheer amount of writing I did means my arms hurt tonight. Such is life. 5400 words is pushing it for me.

Tomorrow the goal is to do laundry, grocery shopping, exercises, write and maybe get the hubby feeling better. He's hoping to hit the fair this weekend and Monday looks like his last chance to do it. So yeah, taking care of the hubby is key.

Time for bath and bed for me, complete with soaking the arms. Goodnight everyone!

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