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That said, if I do find that you've posted Locked content / comments to Facebook or Twitter I will take it as grounds to defriend you and ban you from my Journal. Unlocked content being cross posted will get a request to take it down and then defriending / banning if you refuse to do so.

Sorry to those that this offends but that's my position on the issue.

5/2/08 Note: I've put all my Slave Fiction to openly posted because I'm linking over on orig_slavefic. These are all adults only stories with the assumption of adult material, including sex, frank discussions of slavery and its effects on society and individuals, and so forth. Please do not read these stories if you are offended by these subjects or are underage!

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Okay, here's the thing. This used to be a post showing links to all of my stories that I had posted to date. I kept it up pretty good for a long while (several years), but in the last couple of years I've totally failed in updating it.

It's gotten bad enough that I'm redoing this entirely and reorganizing how the Archive is set up. I had it organized by original story or fandom with no regard as to when I wrote the story. That doesn't work for me anymore.


What that means is that I'm going to do separate posts for each year's writing and then link to them here with a description of what sort of stories I was writing that year. Obviously, that's not done yet but they will be showing up soon, and once that's done I'll update this post again with all my notes and warnings and so forth.

In the meantime, you can find my stories in the tags and if there's something that you remember and can't find feel free to message me or leave a comment with a description of the story and I'll track it down for you.

If you're worried about leaving a comment, or concrit of some sort don't be. I welcome all feedback and appreciate everything I get. I wrote out my feelings on Comments, Concrit, Recs, and Reviews at a time when there was a bit of a dustup going on in LJ land. That's over here for those interested or curious.

I do apologize for the inconvenience to those who rely on this Archive. I'll have the new ones up as quickly as I possibly can.

Thank you for your interest in my stories!

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Finally! I got 3500 words written on the novel today. Mohana is almost certainly an assassin. Probably. They think. Maybe. It's hard to tell when his memory is more hole than swiss cheese. But Tiyamike as fascinated and thinks he's gorgeous and Mohana trusts her to stop him if his instincts and training get out of control. But neither of them (and me) have any idea what's really going on. Yet.

Should be fun writing my way to finding out! :D

Did not get my steps today. The hubby's cold, which was almost gone, suddenly relapsed so he's hacking and miserable. No idea why. Either way, he couldn't go for a walk so nope. Didn't make steps. Did have homemade pizza which was very, very tasty. First time in quite a while that we've made pizza. It's just easier to order it most of the time.

I haven't done much on the watercolor, sadly. I've been more focused on the writing. Which needs to be done but I should do some more. It's fun, after all. Have to try and spend a couple of minutes on it tomorrow.

Really not much going on besides work, writing and the re-sick hubby. I have such an exiting life. *rolls eyes*

Goals for tomorrow are write, exercises, watercolor or work on the new doll (who's been waiting longer than the watercolor), and that's about it.

Off to bath and bed for me--goodnight everyone!

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Much better!

I carved out more writing time today, 80 minutes, and got 3400 words. Very happy about that! I finally feel like I'm getting moving on the newest novel though, as always, I have no idea where I'm going on the action plot. On the romance side of things, Mohana has made his attraction to Tiyamike quite obvious. He's got no tact and no guile at this point. He does have some very unexpected skills that are making Tiyamike quite curious about who he actually was before his memory was lost. Tiyamike (my trans woman) is very flattered by the attention but keeping it firmly pushed away because there's just too much going on for flirting. Or sex.

Such fun!

Got my steps and exercises and did well on the eating finally. Amazing what a difference it makes not to have cake every night. *grin* I do need to up the exercise though. There's only 3 months until the trip to Japan and I need to be able to survive 7-15 miles of walking a day when I get there. I'm barely at 2.5 to 3 currently and that's just not enough.

I've done a bit more fanart for Voltron but I kinda loathe the two sketches right now. One of Allura, one of Lance. The Allura one isn't too bad but the Lance one is making me twitch. We'll see if I get over myself and actually do something with them. Hard to conquer the 'hate this' thing when you don't spend time on getting better and hard to spend time to get better when you hate what you come up with. *shrug* I'll keep working on it.

Goals for tomorrow include writing, exercises, maybe doing something with the Voltron art, and spending time with the hubby. There was something else but I can't remember what it was right now.

Off to bath and bed for me--goodnight everyone!

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Well, today was a bust

At least on writing things. I only got 500 words due to making BBQ ribs, groceries, laundry and generalized ugh as my period's about to start. I'm never ever productive the two days before my period starts. And it only took me 30+ years to figure it out. *rolls eyes at myself*

That said, the BBQ turned out... decent. For a first attempt it wasn't that bad. We decided afterwards that we left it in for an hour or so too long and that we used too much smoke on it. So next time we'll put it in about 11:30 am instead of 10:30 am and we'll only chip the smoker 1 or 2 times. Other than that, the meat fell off the bones, the flavor was good and I was pleased that they weren't completely dried out. A little dried out but not too bad. So next time we'll switch things a little and hopefully it'll be better

In keeping with period about to start, I was unreasonably cranky all day. Still am. I hate it when I get like this which only makes me crankier and then I get more annoyed at being this way and around the merry-go-round we go. Blah! Menopause can't come soon enough.

Did get groceries, laundry and exercise done today. Exercise despite my whole body hurting. Again, I know why. Same reason as above and yet another reason why I was nonproductive and cranky.

Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Goals for tomorrow are write, get the Now Available posts up (3 now), buy my publishing company domain name, and check on the four blankets that I took to the drycleaner last Monday. Haven't heard a word and I'd really like them back.

Off to bath and bed now--goodnight everyone!

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That was fun

The hubby and I went to see Ghostbusters today and OMG! I love that movie! It was so much fun and so very gay and just... damn, glorious! The hubby objected to the price of the tickets (enough so we could have bought the DVD and had money left over, darn it--prices have gone up again) but he enjoyed it a lot and couldn't understand where the backlash was coming from. And did not seem inclined to believe that it was pretty much fully misogyny and racism. *shrug*

We also wandered around the mall, got oak for smoking BBQ for him to try, bought me a new water bottle at REI, considered buying bikes (choked on the prices), considered buying kayakes (also choked on the prices), had a huge lunch, looked at Legos, and bought candy at the candy shop. New gummy bears, yay! Though they were out of the grapefruit ones I like. *sadface*

Then we came home and realized that we had no mustard which would have made making BBQ ribs tomorrow difficult. Our first try on that and it's my focus on this instead of his. Should be interesting to see how they turn out. We're smoking them with the pecan wood I loved so much so they should be okay either way.

I got a new novel up yesterday, thank goodness, despite life trying to kick me off target. That did mean that I didn't get as much writing as I wanted one. I'm only at 8000 words for the week so far. I'd like to hit 10K to 12K so tomorrow will be busy with the BBQ, groceries and writing. Can't be helped.

Still have to get the last two Now Available posts up...

And set up my publisher website. Which means getting the domain name. Dang, I'm running out of month. I better get on that.

So yeah, goals for tomorrow include BBQ ribs, writing, groceries, laundry, getting the darn domain name and starting a proper publishing website. Plus I'll have to figure out how to transfer my WP site to the new domain eventually. Because why pay for two sites, right? Lots to do.

Anyway, off to bath and bed--goodnight everyone!

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Chapter 1 done

Mohana now understands just how screwed he and everyone else is because of his memory loss. I wanted to get into Chapter 2 where Tiyamike realizes just how badly she's screwed everything up but nope, didn't happen. Tiyamike, by the way, is a trans woman. Not mentioned in Book 3 but she is.

The reason I didn't get more than 1300 words written today was 1) work, 2) lemon cake has a LOT of calories and I really do need to work them off, and 3) I got the POD of this week's novel finished. Also got the ebook almost done. Just need the cover. Which will have to be finished tomorrow as I'm tired and don't have the correct fonts on this computer. *grumble* Someday I will have all the fonts! All of them! Or at least all the fonts I like. ;)

Got my steps and exercises. The hubby needed steps so we went for a walk after dinner which was good. Lemon cake, you know. It's more than half gone though so soon I'll be back to normal on the eating front.

Goals for tomorrow include writing, get the cover and ebook done, upload this week's book, exercises, walking, lemon cake of course, and that's about it. Maybe work on the sketch of Princess Allura I did in a spare moment, but we'll see.

Either way, it's late, I'm tired and I'm off to bath and bed. Goodnight everyone!

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Started the new novel... barely

Work hit epic new levels of busy today so I only got about 660 words written, even with writing at home. That did start the new novel off quite well with a very solid amnesia theme so I'm happy with that, as far as it goes. Really wanted the first chapter done but it just didn't happen.

I did get this week's book half formatted for POD though. I'll finish the rest off tomorrow and get it into Ebook format. And get the cover done, too. That way, hopefully, I'll be able to upload it tomorrow evening. Or Friday morning at the latest.

Got my steps and exercises. Had cake--which is about half gone. I'll have to buckle down and really get back into exercising once it's gone. It's only 3 1/2 months until our trip to Japan and I really need to build my stamina before then.

Anyone got ideas for good exercise apps? Other than Zombies Run which I wouldn't use because zombies. Or Pokemon Go because I really know nothing at all about Pokemon and I live in the boonies so not much here anyway.

Goals for tomorrow include writing, getting this week's book ready for publication, exercises, more cake(!) and that's about it.

Off to bath and bed now as I'm tired from all the stupid rushes at work--goodnight everyone!

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Finshed the book!

With declarations of love and kisses and laughter which makes me happy. I only needed 25 minutes to get it done, too. Which wasn't easy because it was another terribly busy day.

That said, I've started work on getting the previous novel ready for publication AND I've set up the file to start working on the sequel. This time I'm going to be playing (if I can make it work) with the amnesia trope and I think I've got an angle that will work. *crosses fingers*

Not much else going on in my life currently. I mean, I got my steps and exercises but screwed it up by having cake for dessert tonight. Not that I really care about that as the lemon cake remains moist and tender and utterly delicious. The cut edge isn't really getting that dry at all with is a lovely change from normal cakes. Yay for good cooking advice!

Goals for tomorrow include getting the cover for this week's novel ready, getting it into POD format, writing, exercises, cake, and doing a little art. Plus avoiding the hot weather which is getting worse and worse as the week goes on. Oh well. It is August. Can't be helped.

Off to bath and bed for me--I'm tired and want to go to bed early.

Goodnight everyone!

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So close to finishing this book.

I think I have half of a chapter and then it'll be done. So tomorrow. Yay! It'll be around 46K when finished which is about the same as the other two. ...Still have to get book two published of course. And put up the Now Available post for book one and the other book I published last month.

*winces* I guess I better get on that tomorrow.

Got my steps and my exercises but lemon cake is good so the eating wasn't that good. I don't care. It's REALLY tasty lemon cake.

I have fallen in the the Voltron fandom and I don't think I'm crawling out anytime soon. I finally convinced the hubby that Netflix was worth the $10 a month so I can watch the episodes. Lance is an adorable trashbaby. So is Coran. I love Shiro and Keith and Pidge is the cutest thing ever. I want to hug Hunk and feed him all the yummy cake in the world. And Allura looks like she's going to be seventeen shades of awesome. Not that I've completely finished the first episode. Watching on breaks on my phone while at work doesn't let me finish that first episode in one day. Sadly.

Either way, I'm in love and it's the first fandom I've felt drawn to since DC pushed the Nu52 out and killed my muses. Do not expect fic. But there may (probably will) be art. We'll see.

Goals for tomorrow include writing the end of the book, getting the Now Available posts up, getting this week's novel ready for publishing, exercises, and watching Voltron. Because yes. :D

Off to bath and bed for me--goodnight everyone!

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Best laid plans

The hubby had all sorts of plans for us to go get supplies to fix the fence around our yard but after going out to dinner with friends last night those plans went unfulfilled. Late nights are not our friends. Though we did have a lovely time seeing the friends. It's been months due to their schedule and our schedule so catching up was great.

Even if it did put me in bed after midnight last night which is super late for me.

I did not get my steps today. Nor did I do my exercises, bad person that I am. And I didn't do well on the food as I saw a post on how to make a boxed cake mix taste super-rich and moist so I decided to bake a cake today. Lemon cake with cream cheese frosting was a go and yes, it's SUPER rich and moist.

The suggestion I saw was to replace the oil with melted butter, the water with milk and add an extra egg. I also added some spiced Georgia peach sugar and some vanilla to it which made it a spiced lemon cake rather than plain lemon. Super tasty though. I'm really happy with out it turned out. Rose better, too which makes me happy.

I got my words today, 2200 words. Yesterday I had 2500 words. I'm 1-3 chapters from the end of the current novel and it's kind of killing me that it's not done yet. This week! I'll get the darn thing done this week and then launch straight into the next one. The trope I selected for the next one is amnesia but I'm not sure I can make that work with the overall story I'm telling. We'll see. I'll try to set it up in the final chapters of this novel.

Either way, the girls got their sex scene, plenty of cuddle time and then all hell broke loose. Bala now has a shattered arm and Imani's in shock but determined not to let their enemies win. Seriously, I'm so looking forward to the end of the book! *vibrates*

Goals for tomorrow are thus write! And get the next novel ready for publication, exercises, and not founder myself on delicious lemon cake.

Off to bath and bed--goodnight everyone!

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The auditing class is finally over. Five sessions, eight passes (last one with a 100%), and one person who still has to take the test. But he's my boss and he's audited for more years than I've been working. Plus he's audited at a MUCH higher level than I was teaching so yeah, so not fussed about him.

That plus rushes ate my work day today. Oh, plus a coworker who's transferred to another department who needed to ask questions and bitch about her former boss. Also my former boss. Honestly, she mostly wanted to bitch. Can't blame her. Former boss came over while her new boss was on vacation to start snapping orders and making demands for duties to be transferred to places and people that they really shouldn't go. *sigh* Really glad that I don't work for that person anymore.

That said, I did get my steps and my exercises. I most assuredly did not do well on the eating but I'm not to blame for that. The hubby made pulled pork shoulder with peach wood smoke and it was THE BOMB! OMG, best yet and I'm not joking. We've tried hickory (which I loathe and which makes me feel ill smelling/eating), cherry and apple (which is okay but eh, one serving and I'm done but the hubby loves it) and now peach. I literally just wanted to keep shoveling it in my mouth. Sadly, the hubby was eh about it. We may have incompatible smoking preferences. Or we could combine the cherry and peach and see what we end up with.

You know, two years ago when we first started trying to smoke things I wouldn't have thought that different wood actually could change the flavor of meat but damnedest thing is that it absolutely does. Go figure.

Either way, I foundered myself on BBQ tonight. And plan on having some for lunch tomorrow too.

Because of work and BBQ dinner excesses, I only got 780 words written tonight. Right up to the sex scene with my girls but not quite to it. Tomorrow for sure!

In art type things, I scanned the sketch I made of Shiro from Voltron (it's a screencap redraw) and I've been futzing with it digitally as I'm afraid of ruining the original with water colors. So far the digital is turning out quite nice though I have to figure out how to do hair. And then clothes. And eyes. *sigh* At least with digital art you have Undo. No such thing for watercolor. But I'll still give it a whack over the weekend.

Did a little more work on the new Batchix robot girl. She's mint green, covered with iridescent white, accented with gold, brown and bronze metallic paint. With spots that will, hopefully look rusted when I'm done. I'm happy with her so far but I haven't gotten to her face yet so that'll be the real struggle. I'm taking my time with her, too. I do better on art when I just do a tiny bit at a time instead of pushing to get a lot done.

Tomorrow evening we're planning on going to dinner at some friends' house. They love cooking and have a new gadget for cooking steak that they want to try out so they're making dinner. Which is awesome as far as I'm concerned. They're super-nice people, too, so it'll be fun. Just a late enough night that I won't get a nightly post tomorrow.

Goals for tomorrow include writing (sex scene needs to be finished and then I need to get the black moment into my romance), exercises, BBQ for lunch, painting, and spend time with the hubby. And dinner out of course.

Now I'm off to bath and bed so goodnight everyone!

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Whoot! Sex scene is a go!

I got 3200 words written on the novel today and tomorrow, despite the last auditing class, I will get to finally write Imani and Bala in a sex scene together. Private shower time with hanky-panky of some sort is a go. *cheers*

I didn't manage to get an actual sex scene in either of the first two books. Well, Nthanda and Ru got to rub off together in the first one but Iman and Jing got kissing and outrageous flirting through firefights in the second. So yeah, Bala and Imani will get at the very least some nice shower sex and then cuddle times before they get back to beating the bad guys hunting them.

And no, it's not a stupid sex scene where they could die at any moment. They're safe in Bala's sanctum, in the most protected place on the planet at the moment. Though it would be nice of them to let their staff and family know they're alive first. *grin*

Anyway! I may be slightly excited about writing a sex scene for them. Just a little. ;)

Got my steps and exercises today and did pretty well on the food. Would have been better to have more steps but the hubby's making smoked BBQ tomorrow so helping him prep that took a bit of time. Plus, you know, 3200 words. That takes time too.

Tomorrow's goals are teach the final auditor class, write, exercises, do a bit more painting, and that's about it. At least tomorrow's Friday. So looking forward to a weekend!

Off to bath and bed--goodnight everyone!

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Rushes on top of rushes on top of rushes

Work sucks. I really did not want to spend the day fighting to get multiple rushes done all at once. Especially when I had my regular work that I wanted to get done. Had to get done.

That meant that I got no writing done at work and only 800 words at home. Makes me very unhappy.

On the other hand, I did play with my watercolors while I cooked dinner. I got a nice little chart of the paints showing me at least the basics of how they work. They don't blend terribly well, most of them, and some of them are REALLY opaque, but the blues and greens are far more stunning than I expected and the yellows and reds are very nice. Black is VERY black, too. XD

I didn't get my steps today. Did get my exercises. And I did all right on the food so it's a decent day.

Goals for tomorrow include write, futz with the water colors, exercises and that's about it.

Off to bath and bed for me. I'm tired.

Goodnight everyone!

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Did that today, left my flash drive sitting on my desk and went off to work so I couldn't write during breaks. However I emailed the hubby, who was working at home, and had him email the file to me. Only got 500 words at work but I brought it up to 2800 once dinner was over so it's all good.

I got my board for stretching watercolor paper today! That was the last thing I needed to start playing with watercolors so I stretched two little pieces of paper (6"x6") and one big one (8"x11"). I'm going to play with washes and doing test swatches with the paints I got yesterday and then futz with ruining the fanart I did of Shiro from Voltron.

Who knows? Maybe I won't destroy it by trying to color it. But given that I have a terrible track record with color I expect that I will. *shrug* Still gonna play with it. On the other hand, I already scanned it so I can at least show people what it looked like before watercolor attacks.

I intend to just have fun with it. Hopefully that'll be better than getting all perfectionist about it.

Didn't get my steps today. Did get my exercises. I need to work on the steps, I really do. I want to lose some more weight and get my cholesterol under 200 this year. I'm at 203 combined so I'm not far off at all.

Goals for tomorrow include write, watercolor futzing, exercises, and making slow-cooked turkey for dinner. That'll be a cooking adventure for sure.

Off to bath and bed for me--goodnight everyone!

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Man, I'm tired

The class went well today. Everyone who attended passed. One was close but he still passed so I'm happy. One person couldn't attend due to allergic reaction to a medication he was taking. He should be back tomorrow and we'll have a makeup class on Friday for him and one other person who was on vacation today.

Just seriously exhausted by the class. It's intense, teaching auditing, and I'm an introvert. A social one who can do this sort of stuff but it's still really exhausting. One more day left!

Got my steps and exercises but I kinda went overboard on ice cream after dinner so I lost what I'd gained there. I'll do better over the week. The ice cream's gone so I can't help but do better. *grin*

Most of the watercolor supplies came in including the paints and a huge roll of paper tape that'll last forever. The masonite board, however, did not arrive. I still did a little bit with the fanart of Shiro from Voltron, put on some masking fluid for white spots. Hopefully the board will arrive tomorrow and I'll get to do things with it then.

I got a lovely book called The Complete Watercolorist's Essential Notebook that has so many lovely lessons on watercolor in it. I'm going to try to work my way through the thing and see what I learn. Even if I never do work my way all the way through I imagine I'll learn a few things along the way and it's beautiful to look at. Some of what I've skimmed so far is stuff I knew. A lot isn't. So yay!

Goals for tomorrow include write, exercises, watercolor fun times, take care of the hubby and that's about it.

Off to bath and bed for me because I'm tired and want sleep. Goodnight everyone!

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That's better

I got 3600 words written today which is much better than pretty much the entirety of July. And they flowed really well, too! I love it when I get in the zone. Imani and Bala are engaging in industrial espionage while shopping and having bao with green tea. Two chapters today though the second one needs a bit more sensory detail in two spots to be finished. I'll get that tomorrow.

That's in addition to doing about six loads of laundry (all the bedding needed to be washed because of the hubby's cold), grocery shopping, getting a new much bigger bin for my art supplies and doing a little sketch of Shiro from the new Voltron because I'm sort of sliding into a new fandom after four or five years away. I doubt I'll write anything but hey, I can draw (sorta) and I want to get better at art so why not? Fanfic taught me how to write. I don't see why fanart can't teach me how to be a better artist.

And then, maybe in a couple of years if I actually manage to keep at it, I might be able to do the story I really want to do for Mouse and Snake that desperately needs paintings / drawings to be effective. I certainly can't afford to hire someone else to do the art for a graphic novel. Or even an illustrated novel. So learning is a good thing. *firm nod*

Got my steps and did reasonably well on the eating today despite hiccups plaguing me all day. Hate it when my diaphragm gets all spastic. I don't just get one or two hiccups. I get bouts half an hour to an hour long that come back for two to three days. *grumbles*

Goals for tomorrow include teaching the last session of the auditor's class, writing, exercises, maybe more sketchy Voltron fanart, and starting work on this week's book. Maybe. Not sure I'll get it this week, either. *sigh* So much for my weekly publishing goal for the year. Oh well, I'm getting lots of novels done so it's not all bad.

Now, though, I'm off to bath and bed so that I'm well rested for teaching the class tomorrow. Goodnight everyone!

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The hubby is still sick, very, very sick. He spent the day on the couch playing Lego games and coughing his lungs up. So yeah, I really do not want to catch this cold. At all. Thus I am doing my best to be in the other room from him. Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on your point of view, we have a very small house so I'm never that far away from him. *sigh*

Got the first coat of metallic white paint onto my new robot girl. She's going to be very neat when she's done but that's going to take some effort, I think. I really want to have her look old and I'm not 100% sure how to make that happen. 'Worn' places in the paint I can probably do. And I've got some 'sand' medium to embellish as if it's rust spots. She might take quite a while to get done but hey, it's fun figuring it out in the meantime.

I've also spent a little money to get watercolor supplies. I loved playing with watercolor when I was in high school even if I didn't feel like I could make anything really worthwhile. And rather than just regret never trying to get better at it I decided to spend a hundred bucks and get enough to have fun playing with it. Will need to get a nice plastic bin to store everything in but I needed to do that for the acrylic paints for dolls anyway. So yeah, that'll be a thing to do tomorrow.

Didn't get anywhere near my steps today but that's no surprise with the sick hubby. Doubt I'll get them tomorrow either even with grocery shopping to do.

I didn't make cookies. Bad me. But I did do a lot of reading and writing so I don't feel too bad about that.

I got 2800 words on the book and set up the next round of bad things happen, plus another little hit at the fairy tale theme of the story. I think I'm about halfway done with the book now but I'm not sure. One or two more rounds of things against them, internal and external, and I'll be able to give them their happily ever after.

So goals for tomorrow include grocery shopping, getting a bin from Target for the art supplies, laundry, take care of the hubby, and write hopefully more than 2500 words. Oh, and get this week's book ready for publication.

Off to bath and bed for me since my toes feel like ice. Goodnight everyone!

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Oh well.

I finished the next chapter but only got about 1600 words written today. Not so good on getting back to my 2500 per day goal. But I'm tired and a little headachey so I don't care. I'm counting it as enough tonight.

Got my steps. Didn't get my exercises this morning. Did good on the eating, at least. It helped that the hubby's cold has made him very uninterested in food. He's coughing and sneezing and utterly miserable so our plans for the weekend are well and truly dead in the water. Oh well. More time to write. *crosses fingers*

I did manage to get the blueberries picked at last. The bushes have almost given their all. I pruned all three bushes last fall and wow, what a difference in the harvest! Instead of the 8 gallons I got last year I'm going to have just under two gallons this year. Oh well, next year should be much better. The two bushes whose harvest was so bad have put out a LOT of new branches.

Still need to get moving on the business side of writing but hopefully the hubby will be clear-headed enough to talk about it tomorrow. No point tonight. He's out of it. There's a lot of little things to do over the next four-six months.

Goals for tomorrow include talking to the hubby, writing, get the next novel ready for publication, exercises, make cookies (because I want to), and that's about it.

Off to bath and bed for me--goodnight everyone!

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Made my goal again today

Barely, 2515 words but I made it. Pretty good given that the hubby has descended into sneezing, coughing, miserable cold hell and work was busy-busy again. I finally wrapped a little of my fairy tale theme into the story and then realized I needed to go back and weave some information into the first couple of chapters. Took about twenty minutes but the story's stronger for it so I'm happy.

Got my exercises but I'm about 400 steps short of my goal for the day. I could get it wandering around the house (or picking the blueberries) but I won't. It's cold and I want a bath so I'm going to let the goal be missed today. And yeah, not go pick the blueberries the way I should. Tomorrow, I swear!

Not much else going on other than I'm thinking of swapping one of the houseplants I have at home for two at work. The two need to be repotted and the one here is growing out of the space I have on the windowsill at home. So it'd be a good trade, I think.

Goals for tomorrow include getting a Free Fiction Friday up early (unless I forget), writing, getting the Now Available posts up, figuring out getting a domain name and web hosting set up for my author website and publishing house, exercises, and picking the damned blueberries.

Off to bath and bed now--goodnight everyone!

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The hubby got home from his visit to Chicago yesterday. He'd gone to see his family for a long weekend which was good for him and them. But on the way there or back he caught a cold so he's very sick and down for the count. Which is why I didn't get a post done last night.

Yesterday I got about 1000 words written. Today I got 2800 words written. Nice to finally get above my 2500 word daily goal! I barely did that at all during July. Kinda really want to get back on track this month.

The book's progressing nicely with Imani kicking ass in her own way and both of them falling for each other in very quick order. Which. Romance. Supposed to happen and I'm happy it's going as I wanted finally.

Got my steps and exercises today despite having the third session of the auditor class to teach. It went pretty well, overall. A little more work on writing things up and one more session and I'll have the group ready to audit. Well, that plus a makeup session as one of the auditors can't attend the next one. So two more to go. *sigh*

Money has finally started freeing up. We paid off our house mortgage and we've paid down our credit card so we finally have money to do things again. Four years after the hubby's job went wonky and we were afraid he'd lose it. So pretty soon I'll actually be able to you know, buy jeans, subscribe to Netflix, maybe donate to people who need it or subscribe to people on Patreon. Whoo. Big dreams. *amused snort*

I'll also be able to afford a proper domain name, website and set up my publishing business properly so that I can do advertising, do a mailing list, all that good stuff. Coming soon! :D

Once I figure all that out, of course.

Oh, and I'm thinking of starting a writing class on Teams in Fiction (even though it started today so I'll be a tiny bit behind everyone else). May let it wait until next month but that'll be busy, too, so why not just go with it?

Either way, it's good to be able to do stuff again.

Goals for tomorrow include take care of the hubby, write, start work on the book that won't be ready this month, get two Now Available posts up, exercises, work and oh yeah, pick those blueberries that are getting overripe. *sigh*

Off to bath and bed--goodnight everyone!

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Start of a new month

And I didn't get the words I wanted but I did get a ton of work done. Work-work, which is important. That's what pays the bills. For now. Hopefully someday I'll be earning enough that I won't need the day job. *sighs wistfully*

Either way, I got 1400 words written and Imani has been struck speechless by seeing Bala without her makeup. And Imani is apparently aromantic because of course she is. She's just not reacting romantically to this whole romance thing so yeah, that's where I'm going. Makes it both easier and harder to write the story as I'm aromantic. At least I know how aromantic romances work, having had one that led to a 25 year (so far) marriage. ;)

Got my steps and exercises in. Also had green chili, rice and refried beans for dinner which completely blew my diet out of the water. But sooooo good. So good. There is no guilt. And never will be when it comes to green chili.

I've started working up the first draft of a business plan for my writing and publishing. It's interesting, I'll say that. No idea what I'm doing really but I've begun to gather the things I must spend money on. Next I need to gather the places I must put my stories up. I've not hit most of them yet. And then I need to plot out what to do when and how much money I'll need so that it can be slotted into the budget.

For now it has to come out of the household budget because I'm not selling enough to pay for everything outright. Time. More books. Hopefully more success over time. We'll see what it takes. I just wish there was a way to make it happen fast but there doesn't seem to be.

I did a tiny smidge of work on the new doll. Her kitty ears have been edged with brown metallic paint. Works well with the green resin and white metallic paint I plan to add later. The ears make a good starting point for testing. :D

Goals for tomorrow are write 3500+ words (to make up for being low today), exercises, work-work, pick blueberries, work on the new doll and be very glad when the hubby gets home from his trip. Which is more than enough.

Off to bath and bed for me. Goodnight everyone!

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Busy, busy day

So, I got a ton of stuff done today.

I serged the headbands. They still need velcro added to close them (they're adjustable) but that was one big step. I also serged up two pairs of leggings (they fit awesome!) and made a skirt that I'm not at all sure about. We'll see. I think it'll be tossed as a failure but for now I'm setting it aside for a good pressing and try-on later.

Didn't spend any time on the doll because of all the sewing. Tomorrow I'll do better.

Got groceries and prepped for making green chili tomorrow--slow cooker version of course but still, green chili! :D

I wrote 2200 words on the novel and got the girls to the point that they've agreed on the consorting contract. Now it's time for Bala to wash her makeup off (part of the tradition is that unattached consorts wear heavily stylized makeup) and then for Imani's heart to go pitter-pat. Tomorrow.

For I am tired and I really just want to go to bed.

Goals for tomorrow are write, start work on this week's novel to publish, exercises, work and painting the new doll.

Off to bath and bed for me--goodnight everyone!

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Got this week's book published!

Yay! I wasn't sure I would but I got it done this morning and uploaded this afternoon. Thank goodness. You can find Crumbling of the Soul on Smashwords and on Kobo right now for $5.99. Coming soon on Amazon and CreatSpace, of course.

*happy dance*

I'm really happy to have it out at last. It's a stand-alone (sorta) epic fantasy in a very odd little world where magic is all in the tiny things of life instead of giant spells and the way to save the world is millions of tiny prayers instead of a huge quest. So maybe it's a deconstruction of epic fantasy more than epic fantasy proper. Either way, it's got lots (almost all) queer characters and people of color and I love it.

So yeah. I'm happy.

I also got 2200 words written on the current SF romance. Imani and Bala are now heading off to have a Very Serious Discussion which will be derailed by puppy. *Grin* Because puppies are adorable and need hugs.

Other than writing things, I got the new doll taken apart, sprayed with MSC, and started working on her. I realized that I didn't have the color of metallic paint I wanted so I went to Michael's and ended up spending more money than intended because they were having a sale and I saw some mediums I wanted to use for the new girl. I want her to look old compared to the other dolls so I'm going to try a medium that feels like sand to show age / rust damage. Hopefully after painting and stuff it'll look right. The interesting thing will be making the silver paint look like it's worn off over her palms, highs, shoulders, stuff like that. And giving her tarnish, too.

So yeah, lots of work there.

In addition, because yes I got a lot done, I cut out two pairs of leggings and about ten velvet headbands of different colors. Hopefully tomorrow I can take the time to serge them up and then use them.

Goals for tomorrow are write, research what I need to do to get my own website(s), create a business plan for my publishing company, groceries, sewing and paint the new doll. Way plenty of stuff. *sigh*

Off to bath and bed for me--goodnight everyone!

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I really wish life would slow down.

I got a lot of work-work done today plus 1400 words on the new novel. Got to the point where Imani point-blank offered to be Bala's patron (she's a consort) with no strings attached if Bala would help find, defang and/or kill the people endangering the Ceelen.

Imani has NO IDEA how big a thing that is for Bala. XD

So yeah, tomorrow's writing will be a blast. Tonight? Yeah, tonight's writing is a nope.

The hubby's going to visit his family at oh-god early tomorrow so there's packing him up and soothing his worries (he hates flying) and then I got a new doll in and I had to play with her a little bit. She's a blank mint green Mini Machina by Batchix. I've got a wig and three different eyes that could work but she needs to be painted and I've no putty to put her eyes in with and agh!

All of that means I didn't get this week's book into POD. It's about 1/3 done so I know I'll get it tomorrow. It's just that tomorrow's looking like a very busy day right now.

Because there's the POD formatting, uploading the book everywhere, getting the putty and silver paint for the new girl, seeing the hubby off, writing, gardening and I have a bunch of sewing I'd really, really, really like to at least approach. I mean, I've had the stack of fabric sitting by my desk for a couple of weeks now. I'd like the floor space back.

So yeah. Tomorrow will be very busy and today was not as productive as I would have liked. Such is life. With the hubby gone until Tuesday hopefully I'll not only get caught up but ahead, too.

Off to bath and bed--goodnight everyone!

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