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Sorry to those that this offends but that's my position on the issue.

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Okay, here's the thing. This used to be a post showing links to all of my stories that I had posted to date. I kept it up pretty good for a long while (several years), but in the last couple of years I've totally failed in updating it.

It's gotten bad enough that I'm redoing this entirely and reorganizing how the Archive is set up. I had it organized by original story or fandom with no regard as to when I wrote the story. That doesn't work for me anymore.


What that means is that I'm going to do separate posts for each year's writing and then link to them here with a description of what sort of stories I was writing that year. Obviously, that's not done yet but they will be showing up soon, and once that's done I'll update this post again with all my notes and warnings and so forth.

In the meantime, you can find my stories in the tags and if there's something that you remember and can't find feel free to message me or leave a comment with a description of the story and I'll track it down for you.

If you're worried about leaving a comment, or concrit of some sort don't be. I welcome all feedback and appreciate everything I get. I wrote out my feelings on Comments, Concrit, Recs, and Reviews at a time when there was a bit of a dustup going on in LJ land. That's over here for those interested or curious.

I do apologize for the inconvenience to those who rely on this Archive. I'll have the new ones up as quickly as I possibly can.

Thank you for your interest in my stories!

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Man, what a day

I slept late and feel much better for it. Unfortunately, I slept late so when I headed out on errands (had to go to the mall) it too way too long to accomplish what I wanted.

What I wanted: Get a Lego set for the hubby, buy grapefruit gummy bears, find RFID blocking wallets of a small size (or at least sleeves to block the chips), and stop by Lush to get bath goodies and get some samples of stuff I wanted to try.

What happened: The drive to the area of the mall was fine but it took almost 45 minutes just to get from the freeway to the parking spot. Absolutely insane traffic. Then, once inside, NO ONE had RFID blocking wallets that were small. Huge, oh yes. Lots of those. Small? LOL, nope!

So I ran around the mall, got lunch (which was mobbed, too, so I ended up with Gyros instead of Chinese which was fine--tasty!), got Legos, got emergency spices the hubby remembered last minute, got gummy bears (TONS!), and then spent about half an hour in Lush talking to one of the gals and getting my samples. Should be interesting to try the conditioners I bought out.

Then, on a whim, I decided to check REI because they have some travel things and huzzah! They had the sleeves I wanted. Score! Except that the line was so long that it took another 20 minutes and then I could finally leave. Which meant driving another 30 minutes or so to get groceries and by the time I got home it was already dark.

*dies a little*

Dinner was not the planned chicken-noodle casserole. Not enough time to make it. Dinner was steak I'd planned on for tomorrow. Simple swap. Tomorrow will be casserole.

Then the hubby wanted to watch Captain Harlock on Netflix (SO RECOMMENDED, OMG!) so we did that and I finally got 15 minutes of writing.


I do not like super-busy days. Either way, tomorrow should be better.

Goals for tomorrow include lots of writing, getting the next two books ready for publishing, casserole for dinner, and not going out even a little bit. Possibly also hot oil treatments for my hair because I got one at Lush and want to try it. :D

Off to bath and bed for me--goodnight everyone!

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Still jetlagged...

...but I managed to get 2200 words written today plus I published a short story that you can find right now on Smashwords for $2.99. Another Drath verse story, this time with a poly 4-some of assassins. :D

The new romance novel based on my experiences in Japan is moving right along. I've finally gotten everyone together, the pining started, and they're in Japan heading towards Tokyo on the Narita Express. Which is an awesome super-fast bullet train. Always great to ride even when you're just off a 9 hour plane flight.

Next up is delicately sounding out each other's sexuality, me reassessing the names I've assigned everyone and maybe doing a search and replace for some of them, and potentially an earthquake. Because there was one while I was in Japan and it was quite the surreal event. XD

Today I didn't even get close to my step goals. Also didn't do my arm exercises because I was moving so slow this morning that I didn't have time. I'm going to start doing them again tomorrow no matter what. But I'm definitely going to sleep in like crazy tomorrow. I really need to get caught up on my sleep.

Goals for tomorrow include getting Now Available posts up, going to the mall to get grapefruit gummy bears and Lush bath bombs, getting my steps and getting the next two stories to publish ready so that I can put them on preorder. Kobo does this thing where they shut down for the last half of December so you can't upload anything. I'm determined to get two more stories out so yeah, preorder and they'll go live automatically.

Now, though, it's time for hot bath and bed. Goodnight everyone!

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I really do hate audits

Especially with the difficult persnickety auditors. Today was such a horror. At least we came through with two recommendations and one minor finding. That's pretty darn good all things considered.

Got 770 words written once I got home. Also finished the POD of this week's story and started the cover but I'm just too tired to write more than that or do the cover blurb. Or do the difficult bits of getting the text right on the cover.

So that means that tomorrow my goals are write, get the cover and Ebook versions of the story done, upload it everywhere, get some steps (but not so many that my legs continue to ache) and relax. At least tomorrow's Friday.

Off to bath and early bed for me--goodnight everyone!

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Jetlag sucks

I've been half to three quarters brain fogged all day today. Hopefully I'll be better off tomorrow as there's a big customer audit at work and I really need to be on my A game. *crosses fingers with little hope of success*

The hubby is FAR worse off than I am, BTW. He's 100% jetlagged and not terribly coherent today.

I'm really hoping he feels better tomorrow.

That said, I did get 1000 words written on the newest book today. I wanted to get more but then I discovered that Netflix upgraded their mobile app so that you can download things to watch without needing wifi and there went my evening. That with Tumblr, poof goes the brain and writing time. *grin*

Dinner was far too much pizza. Far too much. No guilt. I missed pizza. Just an over-full tummy. However, I did get my steps in today along with 21 flights of stairs (mostly due to 'I've been staring at this piece of paper for too long without seeing it' combined with the bathroom at work being in the factory and down a flight of stairs) so I don't feel too bad about it.

Didn't get anything cleaned up or this week's story ready for publication. I may work on that before going bathtime tonight. Maybe. More likely I'll do it tomorrow. It's a short story so it won't take too long.

Goals for tomorrow are write a chapter(+), get my exercises and steps, prep this week's story for publication, do well at the customer audit and not be jetlagged. Those are pretty darn high goals IMO.

Off to bath after a bit of poking at the short story and then bed. Goodnight everyone!

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I'm home!

I was in Japan for Thanksgiving, a full 10 days away from home. It was glorious but I am so exceedingly jet-lagged.

Plans for a travelogue kind of spluttered out and died by the second day in country. Instead I spent my hour or so writing time each day working on a gay romance novel with a lost Japanese heir finding love with the lawyer who found him and brought him home. About six chapters in and I'm loving putting in all the details from the trip. Should have that done before Christmas and then I can publish it in January or February. And then write another 3 books for the other 3 boys who are the protagonist's best friends. :D

I have discovered a problem with flying: I get leg pains and restless leg movements when I sit in a plane seat for more than an hour at a time. Really bad in both cases. Kept me from sleeping on the way to and back so I'm seriously ridiculously jet-lagged. Early bedtime is a must today. And so is doing research on what can be done to address that so that when/if the hubby and I decide to go see the Tank Museum in Wales next year *crosses fingers* I won't be utterly miserable.

Goals for tomorrow are regain my ability to think, write more on the romance novel, get this week's story ready for publishing, and that's about it. Oh, and have pizza for dinner because I know I won't want to cook and Japanese pizza is a Very Different Thing from US pizza. Like... corn and egg and mint when I just want all the meats.

Anyway, off to early bathtime and early bed.

If you had anything you really wanted me to read do please link me to it! I doubt I'll manage to get back through everything I missed. *hugs you all*

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I finished the book! And even got them kissing and proposing to each other and planning how they're going to live their lives together. On Shahnaz's spaceship because of course they will. So happy to have it done! FYI, this one should be published somewhere around February if all goes well.

Stranded With You is now available on Smashwords and on and Amazon for $3.99. The Kobo and CreateSpace versions will be up sometime tomorrow. Hopefully.

Plus I managed to get the next three titles into preliminary format so I can get them ready to go out that much faster. A short story the first week of December, then a novel and another short story at the end of the year. Plus another short and novel plus Shahnaz and Caelan's novel next year. The Drath Verse has been very good to my productivity.

Low on steps again today but I did pretty well on the food so I don't care. And no, didn't do my arm exercises. I've kind of resigned myself to not getting the done until we get back from vacation. I'll regret it. I know I will. But that's life.

Goals for tomorrow are to get either a short story started or start on the Travelogue book, exercises, putting up the dreaded Now Available posts and cleaning my bathroom. Also final packing.

Off to bath and bed for me--goodnight everyone!

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Apparently I need to start watching Yuri on Ice. There is actual gay kiss between the pair I swore would end up being queerbaiting. *excited bouncing* Yay for that!

In other news, I'm on the final chapter of the novel. It's going to be right around 40K when I'm finished. I just need to get the mutual declarations of love, a kiss and then interruptions by Caelan's family in. Finally! I feel like this one dragged out but that's only because I have a deadline to finish it.

I didn't get my exercises this morning. I could have. I just didn't do it. I'm 200 steps short of my goal which I can get while running my bath. And I did very well on the eating for once. Amazing what not having pumpkin pie for dessert will do for you.

Oh, and the novel for this week is done and ready to upload tomorrow morning. Looking forward to getting it done. Because then I need to work on the short story for the week after next and December's novel and short story. Plus the travelogue book I want to write and my website and... *whine* So much stuff to do on the publishing side of things!

So. Goals for tomorrow include uploading the book, finishing the current novel, exercises, pre-packing for our trip, and straightening up my office because damn it, I don't want to come back to a pit! Oh, and cleaning the bathroom. That needs it too.

Off to bath and bed now--goodnight everyone!

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Getting closer on the book

This week's book to publish, that is. I've got the Ebook 99% done. All it needs is the cover. And the POD is complete. So is the cover blurb. The cover's about 1/2 done so tomorrow I'll get that and hopefully upload the whole shebang. Though that might happen on Thursday.

I still need to get Now Available posts up for the last two things I published... *winces*

Got 1600 words written today. Total was lower than I wanted due to creation of the ebook. I'll try and get more tomorrow. I think I might be 1-2 chapters from the end. Maybe. We'll see. At least Shahnaz and Caelan are admitting to themselves that they don't want to part ways once the danger plot's dealt with. That's progress.

Got my steps today and did pretty good on the eating. Still didn't get my arm exercises. Such a doof. I really do need to get back to that though it might wait until after the trip. We'll see what happens.

No watercolor due to ebook creation. Probably won't get to it for a few days at least. *sigh* The busy needs to go away, not that it ever does.

Goals for tomorrow include writing, finishing the cover and ebook, exercises, watercolor (maybe) and considering packing up a few dolls. My office is such a mess that putting some away would help. Not sure on that one though.

Anyway, time for hot tub and bed--I'm pooped. Goodnight everyone!

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*tired sigh*

Well, I have the POD for this week's novel done. It's 190 pages long. That means tomorrow I can create the cover, though I do have to write the cover blurb first. Too tired to do that tonight. And then Wednesday I'll have to get the ebook done so I can upload on Thursday and approve Friday. Which is the drop dead date on this one.

I also got 1900 words written, finishing off the current chapter. I think I have 3-4 chapters left. Think. I could go longer but I think I'd just be stringing things out if I did. It's time for a sharp threat to Caelan and Shahnaz to shock them out of their romantic holding pattern. And I know just how to do it. I think. We'll see what happens when I start typing tomorrow.

I did not do my exercises today. My arms are feeling it. I should get back into it but I just haven't the last few mornings. I'll regret it soon if I don't. I'm going to be about 1000 steps low again today, too. *sigh* Winter really makes exercise difficult.

Also didn't get any watercolor done though I did plot out what I want to do next on the current one. I just need to pick up the paintbrush and do it. Instead, I spent twenty minutes or so on DAI. I might, just maybe, be starting to figure out the controls and how to interact with things. Maybe. But I doubt it.

Goals for tomorrow include writing, getting the cover blurb for this week's novel done, doing the cover, exercises and that's about it. Maybe DAI. Maybe watercolor play.

Off to bath and bed for me now--I'm pooped. Goodnight everyone!

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Another day, another chapter

Got another chapter done and started the next. I think about about 3-5 chapters from the end of this novel. It's building but not as quick as I expected. It might stretch longer if I'm not careful. Which I really don't want to have happen because this must be done by 11/18 at the very latest. Sooner would be better.

Got a lot done today. I picked up groceries, got air filters for the furnace, did laundry, totally failed to clean my office or do watercolor, and did manage to get another chunk of work done on this week's POD. Can't wait to have that novel done and published. It's a fun one.

Nothing really exciting happened today, just the regular drudgery of life.

Other than we got the Xbox working again so I started up again on Dragon Age Inquisition and finally figured out the whole character generation thing. :D Helps when you understand the controls better. *amused snort*

Goals for tomorrow including writing, getting the novel's POD done, clean my office, figure out how to do the webpage thing, maybe half an hour on DAI and that's about it. Really want this novel finished...

Off to bath and bed for me--goodnight everyone!

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Got so much stuff done today

Turkey dinner: Prepared and eaten. The turkey cooked a little faster than expected so it was dry. Boo.

Pants: Hemmed and I didn't even break a needle going over the seam humps. Yay!

Christmas Tree: Put up and decorated. It looks very nice. Yay!

Writing: 2600 words written and they're now on the BDSM planet with Caelan attempting not to freak out. Xe looks fierce instead of freaked so xe's counting it as a win. Yay!

Book for this week: I've got the POD version half done and that's the important, time consuming one so definite Yay!

XBox One: Returned to the store and they said it was a hard drive failure. We're (just) under the warranty period so the hubby's on his way home with a brand new one. Much yay!

Domain name: Purchased along with website hosting! Yay! But now I have to figure out how to set up the website. boo! That's not going to happen before we go on vacation, I can tell you that right now.

No watercolor happened nor did I clean my office but hey, with all of that I'm counting today as a win. :D

Goals for tomorrow: Get my WordPress theme for the website, writing, laundry, groceries, clean my office and watercolor experimentation. Oh, and get the Travelogue book setup in InDesign. At least a first draft of it.

Off to bath and bed--goodnight everyone!

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Spite's a lovely thing

I've gotten almost 8000 words written on my newest queer novel since the election. Maybe a bit more. I hope to have it done before Wednesday. I'll get it published after the new year as there's several books before it but hey, I'll take it.

Didn't get my steps today. Nor did I get my arm exercises--my arms are still sore from hauling pallets of bankers boxes around yesterday. I did do pretty well on the eating anyway so it wasn't a total loss on the exercise front.

Also didn't get any watercolor done. Instead I researched Dragon Age Inquisition's command buttons for the Xbox One. Because when I tried playing it before I just button smashed (never having gamed before) and it ah, didn't work so well. *wry grin* Knowing what I'm actually doing seems like a wise idea.

It's going to be a very busy weekend. The hubby and I plan on having Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow which means I need to make pumpkin pies (mini personal pies instead of the full sized versions--works better for us), turkey and all the fixings. We also plan on putting up our Christmas tree which means rearranging the living room. Added to that I want to get writing done, hem some jeans for the hubby, do water color, clean my writing office which is turning into a pit, and get next week's book ready for publication. Plus another four or five titles I need to get ready and set up for preorder. Oh, and get my domain name and website which means stopping being an anxious lazy butt about it and just doing it already.

So yeah, busy day tomorrow.

Thus the official goals are writing, Thanksgiving, putting up the tree, and work on publishing things.

Off to bath and bed--goodnight everyone!

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Short post as I missed last night

Last night due to getting a tone of writing done, 3400 words. Tonight due to headache and exhaustion. Though I did get 1000 words written today.

Got my steps and exercises today due to working on my file room at work. Moving pallets with banker's boxes of files around is EXERCISE, let me tell you. I hurt.

The novel is moving right along. I'm very happy with how it's going. Just too tired to talk much about it tonight.

Tomorrow's goals are write, start getting next week's book ready for publishing (plus the ones for the rest of the year, too), exercises, and get back to the watercolor. I'm not giving up on that. I won't. It gives me hope and it challenges me so I'm keeping at it.


Off to bath and bed--goodnight everyone!

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I'm ignoring the election

Mostly because I live in Washington and already voted a week and a half ago. (Washington gives everyone mail-in ballots automatically) But I'm super-nervous about what's going to happen. So please vote everyone. Please!

*deep breaths*

I got another chapter done on the book. Caelan had a major panic attack and realized that they'd been largely disassociated for a while. Xe's starting to come back from the edge and it's largely because Shahnaz is so gentle and respectful of xir. Fun to write if making me want to do more research. I probably will, just to distract myself.

Most certainly did not get my steps today. I did get my arm exercises and I did fairly well on eating. I'm going to regret sluffing off on the walking when we get to Japan. I just know it. *shrugs*

I also managed to get all the detail work on my new robot girl done and she's been sprayed with a nice gloss coat. All the fans are on and the windows are open to vent the fumes. I sprayed outside but agh, the coating stinks for quite a while before it's fully dried. At least tomorrow I can string her and be done at last. *cheers*

Goals for tomorrow are thus write, exercises, string my new girl Omega, and that's about it.

Darn it, I just realized I forgot the damn domain name again. *headdesk*

Anyway, off to bath and bed--goodnight everyone!

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Got the chapter done

Thank goodness. Shahnaz did in fact use books to attack people. Then Caelan did it the right way and dropped everyone. *grin* That was fun to write. Now they're both trying to tell themselves that nope, not falling in love. That's stupid, not doing it.

It's not working. XD

Got my steps for the day and no, I'm not going to buy a camera. I'm going to go with my iPhone and just do my best off that. Not a lot to do about the lower dpi but I'm punting. So be it.

Now I just need to get the release forms translated into Japanese, which is a struggle given neither the hubby nor I speak or write fluent Japanese. Something to figure out this week. *bites nails*

Mithen! I sent you an email! Please look for it! *bites nails more*

I managed to get all the detail work on my robot doll done today. She's so freaking cool. I have to give her a gloss coat and then string her and she'll be done. Pictures will happen. Probably on Tumblr but they'll happen.

Goals for tomorrow include writing, getting the stupid Now Available posts up, getting my freaking domain name and website hosting, and spraying my robot doll.

Off to bath and bed. Goodnight everyone!

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I love Olive Garden

The hubby and I decided that, since it was pouring all day so we couldn't go for a walk, we'd go to Olive Garden and get their Endless Pasta Bowl special. Which we did and it was delicious. I have so much chicken alfredo for lunch tomorrow. The hubby ate all of his which amazed me. Completely foundered himself.

I got 2100 words written on the new book. I'm almost to the point where Shahnaz protects Caelan with books until Caelan decides, you know, I'm Gensyn, they're unAltered humans, they're going down. And the bad guys go splat. *grin* Looking forward to writing that. Tomorrow.

I totally failed to get my steps today. Just... totally. I'm barely halfway to my minimum goal.

But I did some research on my iPhone's camera and I might (maybe) be able to use it to take pictures for my book while in Japan. I hope so. It's a matter of making sure that the pictures are high enough dpi for print right now. We'll see what I can do. There shall be more futzing with it tomorrow. If it doesn't work well, I have the cash to buy an actual camera to use. I'd rather not, though.

Spent a little time working on my robot girl. She's got the start of a faceup finally. I need to do some more finish work on her and then spray her with gloss coat and then I'll be able to string her again. I should have gotten her done ages ago because the spray coat doesn't dry well in very humid weather.

Guess what? It's pouring all the time right now. *sigh* I'll go ahead and coat her anyway, just with my fingers crossed that the coating doesn't bubble or something.

Goals for tomorrow include writing, exercises, deciding on iPhone versus camera, finish the robot doll, laundry, groceries and that's about it.

Off to bath and bed for me--goodnight everyone!

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Better by a little bit

My arms are killing me. Stupid RSI flares. And stupid me for not easing off on things, not that I can stop doing my typing intensive job. I'm sure not going to stop writing!

But I got a bunch done at work that needed to be done plus I wrote 3000 words on the new novel. I'm struggling to keep Shahnaz's speech consistent. He started out quite casual and he's going very formal on me as I progress. I'll probably go back and rewrite the first chapter (from his POV) to match the formalness. He's really quite proper. Fun to write.

Poor Caelan, the nonbinary intersexed love interest, has been through hell. Abusive boss, handsy coworkers and being framed for the captain's crimes. Xe got out at the right time but the captain will be showing up, perhaps soon, to come after xir. That's going to be fun. I'm halfway expecting Shahnaz to defend Caelan with flung books, much to xir bogglement. And yes, Caelan uses xe/xir pronouns. Amazingly enough I'm finding those easier to manage than the they/them pronouns that Shahnaz used for Caelan in his head. They haven't discussed pronouns yet.

No watercolor in days. I'm going to have to do something about that soon. I've got two half completed projects on my desk that I want to do. Just haven't had time and arm strength to do it with the writing. I'll get there.

The hubby desperately wants to do something 'fun' tomorrow but has no idea what that will be. A walk would be nice but November in the Puget Sound equals rain so probably not. Maybe a movie? Or the mall. But that's not really that fun for him. Nice to get to visit Lush and Lego, of course, but eh. We'll see what we do.

Goals for tomorrow include 'something fun', getting my domain name finally, writing (2 chapters? I can hope), and getting Now Available posts up. Oh, and finishing off my new Robot girl. I really want to do that.

Off to hot tub with the hubby and then early bed because we're old and tired--goodnight everyone!

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Very tired today

I audited (went very well and the new trainee I had learned a lot, I think), got all my steps and got 2300 words written on the book. I wanted more like 4000 but that's what I ended up with. So be it.

The hubby had to teach a class today so he was home late. The house is very quiet without him in it. :( But he's back now.

And my arms are still flaring. Damn my RSI.

I got this week's story published everywhere but it's only up for purchase on Smashwords. Lesbian short story with a multiracial (Asian/African) couple for $2.99. Please consider buying it! It makes a decent entry point into the Drath verse.

Goals for tomorrow include getting last week's Now Available post up, writing, exercises, being audited (oh. yay.), and making Chicken and Dumplings for dinner.

Off to bath and bed. Goodnight everyone!

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Super fast...

...because my arms hurt.

Stupid RSI.

Got another chapter of the novel done and I'm really enjoying Shahnaz, the hero. He's Muslim, a bookworm of epic proportions and has his own space ship that he's filled with books and uses to herd asteroids. The heroine is Caelan and xe is nonbinary Gensyn (gender synthesis so xe can both conceive and engender children). I don't know much about Caelan yet but xe's being hunted by Trouble and just wants to go home.

Got my steps, did my exercises, ate well. And figured out why I gained five pounds in the last week or so. Period's coming up. Ugh.

Goals for tomorrow include writing, watercolor experimentation or finishing my robot doll who's 98% done, exercises and that's about it.

Off to hot bath to soak my arms and bed. Goodnight everyone!

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Happy Halloween everyone!

I did absolutely nothing Halloweeny today. There was a potluck at work and I didn't participate. The hubby and I went out to dinner and have kept the lights off to avoid trick or treaters. It's sad. I'm not guilty about it though.

Because I've started a new novel in the Drath verse, this time with the aim of going to one of the solar systems that I've dreamed about the longest in this verse but not really explored much in the text. It's gonna be so much fun!

I've got an asteroid cowboy who picked up a life pod with a desperate spy inside it. One chapter done already. I'm hoping to get it done before we go to Japan on the 19th.

Which, by the way, is why I'm not doing NaNo this year. I'll certainly write enough to win NaNo but with the prep for the trip I just don't want the extra pressure.

I didn't get my steps. Did horrible on the eating. Did do my arm exercises at least. I've gained about five pounds in the last month or so so I really need to change my habits and get more exercise and eat less. Blah for the dark times of the year! I have no motivation to actually do it.

Goals for tomorrow include writing, get the POD and ebook versions done for this week's short story, get the Now Available post up for last week's book, exercises and that's about it.

Off to bath and bed for me--goodnight everyone!

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No painting today

I just didn't have time. Which isn't too bad. I can get a bit more tomorrow and hopefully finish the latest watercolor I've been working on. If not the ink experimentation piece I've been futzing with.

I got another 2200 written on the latest short story. It's just shy of 5K right now and I suspect it'll end up right around 7K when I'm done. Which is totally fine by me. That's good length for a short story.

The latest book is now up everywhere. I'll have to get the Now Available post up tomorrow or Sunday. Yay for that!

I finally got my business credit card so I set about switching my many publishing accounts over to it. That's what ate my painting time tonight. Tomorrow, or more likely Sunday, I'll go get my domain name and set up the web hosting agreement. I'm that much closer to being a proper business now! :D

...I have so much to do! *wibbles*

Including a huge, huge, HUGE amount of running errands tomorrow. Just so many things that need to be done, bought or found. It's going to be a very busy day. That's part of why I think I won't get the domain name thing until Sunday. Can't be helped. It all needs to be done.

So, goals for tomorrow include finish this short story, run a million errands, find some time to spend with the hubby, a little watercolor painting and that's about it.

I'm off to bath and bedtime because long week, sore neck and very busy day tomorrow--goodnight everyone!

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Finally got another book published

It's up on Smashwords right now and will be up on Kobo, Amazon and CreateSpace over the next day or so. SF Romance with multiracial couple (Asian / African) with a trans woman, FYI. $3.99.


I also got 2000 words written on a new short story in the same 'verse. This time with unrelated characters because it's time to branch out a little bit. I'm having fun with it. Abused and fleeing clerk who is about to be rescued by a warrior (Sabah). Not that I'm completely certain the clerk (Alex) will accept the saving once the bad guy (Yong) shows up. I'm thinking Alex might be a bit stronger than anyone expects.

Which is pretty normal for me.

Anyway, I'm just shy of my steps today but running around the house while my bath runs should get that. Didn't get my arm exercises this morning due to lack of time. I'll have to get that tomorrow. Did do well on the eating so it should even out.

I was approved for my business credit card. Lower than we asked for but right on what I wanted to start with. Not even the minimum I thought would work so it's all good. Now I'm just waiting for the card to show up so I can start using it. The access code showed up before the card did. *rolls eyes*

Goals for tomorrow include finishing this short story, exercises, starting to transfer all the publishing stuff over to the new business account, and buying my domain name and website hosting. Because it's about time to start that.

Off to bath and bed for me--goodnight everyone!

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Fast post tonight

I got the short story done! It's actually short, just 2800 words but I like it. Cute little 4-some forming up.

Got my steps because the hubby was furious about work and needed to rant while talking about it. And I did okay on the eating. Pot roast for dinner was yummy!

Did more inking with the colored inks but it's going to take a while. Didn't get any more work on the watercolor. Just didn't have time today.

Tomorrow will be a horribly low productivity day as there's a major customer audit tomorrow and I expect to be running around all day for it. So any and all writing will have to happen tomorrow night. Blah.

Did manage to get this week's book ready for publication. I won't have time to upload it tomorrow but I will on Thursday.

Goals for tomorrow are thus audit, exercises, start writing a new short story, and that's about it.

Off to bath and bed--goodnight everyone!

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