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Good busy day today

The hubby and I went to see Rogue One. I knew how it ended, I knew rocks fall, everyone dies. I still cried twice. Stupid touching sacrifices and heart-wrenching music. Always my downfall.

So yeah, I liked it. Not my sort of story--I prefer happy endings--but very well done movie with a very important message.

One voice can start a revolution.

Something we all need right now.

Anyway. We also got Lush, gummy bears (grapefruit! Yay!) and then got Coldstone Creamery. They have this cake batter ganache ice cream right now, limited time sadly, that's absolutely glorious, especially with chocolate shavings. So tasty!

Then we took down the Christmas tree and cleaned up the living room and I finally managed to finish the short story I was working on. It ended up being 4900 words and I'm happy with where Gwen ended up in it. It's always fun writing Gwen. She sort of takes like full speed and never slows down to think things over. *grin*

Didn't get any watercolor done but that's all right. I'll work on another one tomorrow.

Also didn't work on the website today but I'm not going to stress about it. I have all day tomorrow to do it, between doing loads of laundry.

So my goals for tomorrow include exercises, working on the website to get the product pages up, finish cleaning up the living room, work on cleaning my office, start a new short story (or maybe a novel!), and spend time with the hubby.

Off to bath and bed for me because I live such an exciting life. *snort* Goodnight everyone!

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