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Busy, busy

So many things I need to get done. Mostly on the publishing side of things.

I got all the covers for my stories uploaded to my website but realized that holy fucking hell I hate some of them so badly. (Mostly the Eight Factors verse at the moment) So I spent some time to redo the covers and then realized that no. No, the formatting of the books is bad, too. Gotta fix that. So I've got the first one (Shadow Dreams) ready to format for POD. Ebook and cover are done and I redid the blurb because it sucked so badly. The second (Eruption Event) has a cover and a blurb but I need to get the ebook and POD done.

My official goal for the week has become fixing those stories. God, they're so terrible. Just awful formatting and covers and blurbs. Still like the stories and want to do more with the world though so that's good.

Which means that no, didn't get the website any further. Or upload the PO Box to the million and one places it needs to go. I have to work on that.

My biggest problem right now is that my zip drive appears to have developed an error of some kind so I'm in the process of backing everything up to my external drive. I really hope that it doesn't die. It's not even full yet.

I'm close on my steps, not that I expect to go over today. Did well on the eating and the exercises so I'm happy. Still need to work harder on losing the weight. I'm not giving up on ponies for my birthday!

Also did a tiny bit of watercolor today. Have two Mouse and Snake sketches to color now. The first one got a little bit of paint as I was backing files up. I'll work some more on it tomorrow. If I manage not to destroy it in the painting it'll be a pretty cool sketch.

Goals for tomorrow include finish the current short story (no idea where it's going), fix more Eight Factors stories, get the PO Box up at least in two places, watercolor fun and exercises. The hubby's sick so I'm going to hope that I don't catch whatever he got.

Off to bath and bed for me--goodnight everyone!

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