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I hate it when I'm too busy to write much

I've got another Muirin short story I'm writing with Raelin and I really want to work on it. Unfortunately I also want to get my website up and that means fixing the Eight Factors stories. One is completely done. The second is 90% done. Third is about 60% done. There's four total, plus a collection, so it's not that big of a project.

Except that absolutely everything has to be redone, from the ground up.


Oh well, once it's done it'll be done for another few years. And maybe with good formatting, covers and blurbs the stories will actually sell. *crosses fingers*

Once again didn't get my steps. Nor did I do well on the eating. I was hungry at dinner so I overate and then had fudge too. Oh well. I'm not going to deny myself when I really am ravenous.

I'll just do my best to get back to normal tomorrow.

Goals for tomorrow include getting a real amount of writing done, finishing another Eight Factors story, finishing the book to publish this week, and working on my website. As always. That's a big one and hard to do when I only have time after work and on weekends.

(I really should think about hiring someone to do it for me.)

Off to bath and bed for me--goodnight everyone!

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