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Finished the story. I'm happy with it as setting up the novel I will now start work on tomorrow though I think I need one last whack at it when I'm not tired with burning eyes. Needs a good bit more sensory data towards the end. But it does a good job setting up Raelin's next book, Running Before The Storm (title totally tenative).

Man I'm tired.

The novel for this week is almost done. I checked the schedule and it's actually due next week but eh, I'll probably just go ahead and publish the thing. We'll see tomorrow when I've had sleep. Got a lot to get done on the website so pushing it out makes sense. Don't know yet.

Didn't get my steps but I resisted free pastries today and I did well on the exercises and overall eating so I don't care.

Goals for tomorrow include deciding when to publish the novel, starting Raelin's newest novel (probably to be followed by another Anwyn novel), exercises, website and finding out when/if we can get our new stove delivered and installed.

Because the guy at Lowes was misinformed. The delivery guys can NOT install the piping for the gas. *grumble* Here we though it would be very straightforward. Looks like it won't be. Oh well, the stove's there. We just need to get the gas line installed and we'll be good.

Anyway, off to bath and bed. Goodnight everyone!

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