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First chapter done!

Man, it's fun getting back to Muirin! This one is set right after Facing The Storm so Raelin, the POV character, is still dealing with the injuries she got at the end of the story. Things are really unsettled in Aingeal City and she's going to be right at the forefront of dealing with them by virtue of being one of the very few Dana with a calm head on her shoulders.

Should be a blast to write.

Once again, I didn't get close to my steps but I did well on the exercises and the eating. I'll keep trying to think of ways to get more aerobic exercise. Besides, you know, actually going to a gym. Hate that and I don't want to spend the money anyway. And I really don't want to cut into my writing and publishing time.

This week's novel will be going out tomorrow. Or I'll be uploading it, anyway. It's the last Drath romance novel for a little bit. I've shifted to Muirin for the moment so it might be a while before I get back to the story building there. Can't be helped. I'm surprised I got so many stories on the Drath verse before I switched focus, honestly.

Goals for tomorrow include writing another chapter (or more), getting the novel up, finishing more of the re-do's on the Eight Factors stories, exercises, grocery shopping after work and that's about it.

Off to bath and bed for me--goodnight everyone!

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