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Well, I've made progress on the website: MDR Publishing. Enough so that I'll share it finally. It's NO WHERE NEAR done, mind you. Not even vaguely. But I've got a functioning front page. One of the sliders actually works. And all the Matriarchies of Muirin books are up and listed.

Now I just have sixteen other pages of series and the like to upload with their supporting book pages and I'll be there.

Feel free to poke around and check things out.

Oh, and I will be doing a newsletter so if you want to know what comes out on a monthly basis even when I get busy and don't post Now Availables, plus news about my life and plans for the next few books, do sign up.

In addition to that, I got 1100 words written on the new Muirin novel. Raelin's putting pieces together and making friends with cranky people at the moment. Plus lugging her newborn baby sister Erlina around because Erlina won't stop crying for anyone else.

I am so far off my step count goal for the day that it's ridiculous but that's what six or so hours battling a website will do to you. Maybe tomorrow I'll do better.

Goals for tomorrow include laundry, website, more writing and that's about it.

I'm off for some aspirin, a bath and bedtime. My head hurts after battling the website demon all day.

Goodnight everyone!

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