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I got the Tindiere and the Drath series up on my website. It gets faster the more I do it, thankfully. But I've still got quite a lot left to put up so the next week or two is going to be busy. At least those three are done.

And the sliders on the front page work! :D

Also got another 2300 words on the newest Muirin novel. Raelin's still investigating what happened, gathering information and establishing what she's dealing with. She's got some concerns about discipline on the Drifting Cloud and some worries about both the Captain and First Mate. Not sure yet how serious that will turn out to be given that I write into the dark but we'll see.

The hubby and I are buying a new gas stove. Which means that the old electric stove has to go. Which means that as of tomorrow I shall have no stove because the electrician will be in tomorrow to install the proper plug for the new stove. Wednesday the gas line will be run. And Friday I'll have a stove again.

One week without a stove isn't too bad. We've got a good grill and a microwave and if all else fails there's take out. And pizza. *grin* The hubby's leaning towards grill/microwave while I'm, of course, leaning towards takeout/pizza.

Either way, by Friday I'll have a new stove. And then we can start figuring out getting the roof replaced. Followed by sorting out the awning in the back yard that's falling apart. And the carpets being replaced. And the bathrooms remodeled.

Home ownership. Such an awesome thing. *rolls eyes* Still wouldn't go back to renting though.

Goals for tomorrow include writing, more book pages being uploaded on my website, exercises and who knows what for dinner.

Off to bath and bed--goodnight everyone!

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