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Never have liked Mondays

I never feel very productive on Monday, even when I am. Not that I was today. Work was busy so I got very little done besides running around and being glazed over. Not enough sleep last night, I think.

I didn't get any more book pages up on the website. I did get a couple of series mostly ready to post but not all the way yet. I still want to get a few covers and prices changed before I post them. SOmething to work on this week for sure.

I wrote about 2300 words after I got home. Raelin now has a vague idea of what the Delbhana are up to but not how they're going to do it. Plus absolutely everyone is seeing straight through her efforts to pretend that she's fine. Just fine. No pain, no problems, really! *grin* She's so fifteen on that front while being quite remarkably mature on other fronts.

The electric stove no longer works because it no longer has a plug. Dinner this week will be grill plus microwave plus take out. The hubby's fighting against takeout but I'm going to win on pizza sometime this week. *is determined*

Did well on the exercises so far today. I've completely missed on the steps but I'm doing really well lifting weights so I'm not upset. I did have too much in the way of treats (Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies are tempting! Especially when frozen). Have to work on that tomorrow.

So the goals for tomorrow include finish the redos on Eight Factors, get more book pages ready for the website, exercises, writing and consider if I'm going to publish a short story this week. Probably not. Too much other stuff to do and I do have a week before I'm due to publish another.

Off to bath and bed for me--goodnight everyone!

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