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*huge yawn*

Well, I got writing done. Yesterday I couldn't post because I got a replacement USB for my writing and didn't think to make sure that it was a 3.0, not a 2.0. Copying over 40+GB of data at 2.0 speeds took hours. Something like four plus hours. *dies*

I have a 3.0 USB on order from Amazon. The 2.0 has officially become the backup of the backup now. *glares at it*


Stuff got done today, too. I got two and a half covers redone for the Eight Factors 'verse. Also got the ebook done for one. Had a problem with copying on the second one so I stopped. Then, after I got home, I got 2500 words written on the current Muirin novel. Poor Raelin had a little chunk of wood left in her wound that's been going septic on her. She had to have surgery. *pets her*

Tomorrow she'll have to deal with the Delbhana not giving a good god-damn about septic wounds or surgery. *evil writer grin*

Got very close on my steps and did pretty darn well on the eating. Also did well on the exercises so I'm happy. I've gotten stronger. I carried a box full of copy paper up the stairs and it didn't even wind me or hurt my arms the way it would have. Yay, progress!

Goals for tomorrow include finishing off the Eight Factors story redo's, including getting the POD versions done, writing, exercises, and maybe if I'm lucky doing some website work.

Off to bath and bed for me--goodnight everyone!

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