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Some days I hate the world

And then people are awesome all over the place and I feel better. Still worried for the future but the sheer number of awesome determined wonderful people out there do make me feel better.

Enough said there.

Spent the day today looking at bikes at Walmart because the hubby and I want to get bikes but we don't want to spend upwards of $500 each for a bike. Found some that we liked for very reasonable prices (~$80-$130). We're going to think about it for a week and then decide next weekend. It would be nice to get back to biking. For a few years I rode my bike to work every day but I lived only five miles away then. Now it's 35 miles so nope, not happening. Still can go on weekends.

I've almost got the Eight Factors stories ready to be updated and put on the website. I'm having trouble figuring out the foreword page numbering for the collection. Once I fix that I'll be able to finish it all and get them posted. And I'll be much happier with the stories. They have terrible covers and formatting currently.

And then I'll have to get on with the other stories that need better covers and formatting. Project of the year, I swear. Getting everything updated will more than likely take months.

I did manage to get 2500 words written on the new Muirin novel. Raelin's got an idea of where the Delbhana are going to attack and now she's off to have a 'secret' talk with Sinead her not-quite rival. Sinead's a moderate in a family of violent reactionaries so she's taking some real risks even trying to talk to Raelin.

Real life does seem to seep into my writing. *sigh*

We've heard about the stove. It'll be delivered on Monday instead of Feb 3rd. That's a huge relief. I was worried about no stove or oven for a total of three weeks due to the salesman overcommitting and misleading us all over the place. As annoyed as I am at the whole mess, I'm just relieved that it's almost over. And I am NOT working with that salesman ever again.

Got my steps, did my exercises and did fairly well on the eating. I had an avocado today so I wasn't as low on calories as I could have been. But, you know, avocado. Totally worth it. :D

Goals for tomorrow include getting the Eight Factors stories done, getting more book pages up on the website, exercises, starting my taxes (especially the state Sales tax) and writing.

Now though I'm off to bath and bed--goodnight everyone!

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Jan. 22nd, 2017 05:21 am (UTC)
Did you try looking on craigslist for bikes? you might be able to find good bikes for cheaper there. My first real bike was a racing bike that dad got at a yard sale. It was $60 because there were no tires, but that was easy to replace.
Jan. 23rd, 2017 04:08 am (UTC)
Nope, the hubby has a thing about buying used. Which, given how much he earns is okay. He's worried that he'd end up spending more on getting a second-hand bike tuned up and then it would still fall apart. It's an anxiety thing for him. *shrugs*

We're not sure how much biking we'll do so investing a huge amount of money is not going to happen. Thus Walmart. The bikes we're looking at are just about that price anyway so it's cool.

Thanks for the suggestion though! *big hug*
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