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Oh well.

I didn't get the book pages up on my website. Mostly because I spent the majority of the day doing loads upon loads of laundry. Sheets and regular clothes and towels and just lots of laundry. But the house looks better so I'm happy on that front.

I finally have the Eight Factors stories ready for updating. Caught some stupid mistakes at the very last minute that I had to fix so I haven't gotten them uploaded yet. I'll work on that tomorrow, along with getting this week's short story ready for publication. Another Drath short story--yay! Then I believe I'm on to other series and random short stories. I'd have to check my schedule to be sure.

Didn't come close to my steps today but I did really well on the eating and exercises so I don't much care. Just one of those things to keep working on.

Raelin has an idea of what the Delbhana are up to now. Sinead had her secret meeting (risking getting killed or driven from the Clan) and told Rae. Now it's going to be a matter of figuring out how many ways things can go sideways on both the Dana and the Delbhana and then having Raelin try to cope with it all. Should be fun to write. I think I'm about a third though the book now, just over 20K, but we'll see how the writing goes.

Tomorrow I finally have a stove again. You have no idea how much I'm looking forward to that. Seriously, I haven't been without a stove for this long in pretty much ever. Of course, that does mean learning to cook on gas when I never have before but I don't care. There will be cake. Because I figure we've earned cake after this whole saga.

Goals for tomorrow are writing, get this week's story ready for publication, upload the Eight Factors stories, exercises, and maybe make cake. Definitely read the owner's manual on the stove first, though.

Off to bath and bed for me--goodnight everyone!

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