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Ugh. Taxes

But it is taxes that I owe nothing for so I guess the time spent figuring out the form is worthwhile. Washington state requires all businesses, even self publishers, to complete a sales tax form. After struggling through it, finally getting my total gross sales for last year, and calculating everything out I owe... *drumroll* nothing.

It's going to literally cost them way more than even the gross sales tax I could have paid ($11.97) to process this thing.

*shrug* At least that's figured out.

Also got this week's story into POD format, figured out how many pages the print book will be so that I can make the cover tomorrow, got the preliminary format for it done, and wrote 1200 words.

Oh, and found two more reference books (Business Plans for Writers and one on how to build your platform to attract readers). I am reading so many reference books and so little fiction. *sigh*

I actually, surprisingly, got my steps today. Also did well on the exercises and eating so yay me! That's a good thing for the day.

The hubby and I are discussing going out after work to get cheap Walmart bicycles tomorrow. That way we can have the seats replaced, rack on mine, and be ready for riding on Saturday. It's supposed to be a very spring-like day so why not take advantage of it?

Goals for tomorrow include finishing off the story for publishing this week (ebook and cover), writing, exercises, and lots of reading of nonfiction.

Now, though, I'm off to bath and bed. Goodnight everyone!

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