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Not that the bikes we bought are that great. They desperately need a proper tune-up, something that we're going to see to very soon. But we still had fun despite the hubby's chain slipping off multiple times and my handlebars wiggling every time I put weight on them.

We rode on the Centennial Trail, a four and a quarter mile segment. It used to be an old railway path so it's relatively flat and easy to ride. My legs were very grateful that it was so flat. Because wow, I'm so very sore! We took one car, rode down and then back again so the grand total mileage was about eight and half miles. Sore arms, sore butt, sore legs.

I obviously need to do more bike riding. And yeah, tune-up. So needs a tune-up.

Other than that, I got another 2800 words written on the latest Muirin novel. Raelin has discovered that the Delbhana feud might be more a matter of the Delbhana needing money than anything else. She's off next chapter to in Sinead down and find out just exactly how bad the Delbhana finances really are.

Still no idea what the end of the story will be but I'm up to 32K. It feels like about halfway through so I think I'm on target.

I did get a new Drath short story published. I'm waiting on the POD version to clear and then I'll send out updates and 'go buy here' post. Hopefully tomorrow.

Goals for tomorrow include getting more book pages up on my website, writing, possibly visiting the mall, and hobbling around like an old woman because of sore body.

Off to bath and bed for me--goodnight everyone!

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