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The busiest of busy days

Man, I got so much done today.

The hubby and I went to the mall on a targeted in-and-out mission. I wanted a gyro and Lush bath oils. He wanted green Lego base plates. We also got Cold Stone Creamery. Then we got out, all in less than an hour.

Home and we got ribs into the smoker. I made chocolate cake (that stuck to the pan so badly that one round tore in half removing it. Did three loads of laundry, cleaned the kitchen at least four times, made biscuits, had dinner and then made a banana-peach smoothie for the morning as my grocery store stopped carrying my breakfast cereal and I need to find something else good to eat. Smoothies are good. *shrug*

Oh, and I 'paid' my Washington State Sales Tax bill of $0.00. Which meant filling out the form and slapping a stamp on the envelope. It's going to cost them money to process it, way more than they could have gotten if I had owed any money. Oh well, not my problem.

Then I sat down and wrote 2200 words on the new novel. Raelin knows (basically) what's going on with the Delbhana (they're on the verge of going bankrupt and taking the country with them). Now she has to figure out how to address it without killing anyone. Not an easy thing to do.

Goals for tomorrow include straightening up the bookself in my office since it's driving me crazy, writing, getting the Now Available post up for the new Drath short story, getting more book pages up on my website, exercises and that's probably more than I'll get done anyway.

Off to bath and bed for me--goodnight everyone!

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