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I overdid the exercise this morning and my left wrist has been hurting all day. Darn it. Guess I'll have to ease off a bit for a day or two.

Oh well. I'll get over it.

Got 2200 words on the new Muirin novel. Raelin's as asexual as she can be. Something I've always known about her but her family had no idea it went that deep. Interesting to write anyway. Tomorrow should be interesting to write. I think I'm in the final stretches of the novel. Maybe. We'll see how the writing goes.

Got this week's short story into POD format. Also got a blurb written and the cover is 3/4 done. Tomorrow I should be able to finish the cover and get the ebook finished too. Just in time to get it posted.

I also got the Eight Factors stories up on my new website and put up Blood Worms, too. I'm getting closer to having the book pages ready which means the potential for advertising and maybe getting more than one or two sales a week. *crosses fingers* We'll see. I've still got a good bit of work to do.

I'd planned on writing up which books I read this month as I have a goal to read more this year but eh, I'm tired tonight. Tomorrow. Lots of reference books and one fiction book. I'll do my best to get it written up soon.

Goals for tomorrow include writing, getting the story ready for publication, exercises (going easy on myself), and writing up the Books Read post.

Off to bath and bed. Goodnight everyone!

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