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Almost done with the book

I've got one more, maybe two more, chapters left on the Muirin novel. The Dana's finances have been saved. Raelin and Sinead have had had a huge fight in public to make people think they're really enemies and to fight against Lady Etain's political maneuvering. And now I just need to get Sinead to her fate and Raelin off to sea again. So yeah, one or two chapters. Sinead's fate's the one that's going to be a challenge to detail since this is all from Raelin's point of view.

Got my steps today but wow, I did really really bad on the eating. I had leftover pizza for lunch and dinner (and it was yummy!) And a coworker brought in homemade carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. How was I supposed to resist that? It's just not possible. So... I had two pieces. *winces* Gonna have to get some real exercise this weekend to make up for it.

I still haven't put together the Things I Read in January post. Honestly, I haven't even started compiling the list. Better get on that.

There's a new Free Fiction Friday post up on my WP site. I realized as I was posting it that I screwed up last week's post. Sorry about that, guys. I honestly didn't realize that I hadn't posted the full story. I'll double-check from now on.

The hubby and I have no grand plans for the weekend. I'm thinking of movie time on the couch tomorrow but I don't know. The weather is really rainy with the potential for snow so riding bikes, going to the mall (45 minutes away, one way) or even going for a walk don't sound like good ideas. Blah. Oh well, I'll think of something.

After all, I gotta get him away from watching those horrible Sharnado movies. *horrified shudder*

I got this week's short story published. You can find it on Smashwords right now, titled "Creaks and Groans". A little slice of life from the Unification verse. I love Felix and Youneda. They're such married old men, asexual life partner odd couple that they are. It'll be up everywhere over the weekend. And then I can do a Now Available post of doom as I STILL haven't gotten that done. *cringe*

So goals for tomorrow include Now Available Post Of Doom, writing the last chapter or two, something fun with the hubby (whatever that may be) and that's about it. Oh yeah, and starting to get next week's novel ready for publication, too. Gotta get started on that. It's 70K so it'll take longer than a short story.

Off to bath and bed--goodnight everyone!

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