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Done! Whoot!

I finished the novel! It's 49,900 words. I expect that I'll add at least a few hundred words during final editing and proofreading. I always do, so it'll be about 50K when finished. It should come out sometime in March if all goes as planned.

No idea what I'll start writing tomorrow. I should get some short stories, 3 or 4, but I can see myself diving straight back into another novel. We'll see how my mood goes tomorrow morning.

Did virtually no steps at all today because I was so very busy getting this week's novel ready for publishing. I got the POD version done, completely, created the cover and the blurb. All that's left is getting the ebook version ready and I'll be able to upload it. I'm going to try to get that done early so I have next weekend free and clear.

And hopefully tomorrow I can get the damn Now Available Post Of Doom(tm) up. *grumbles at myself*

Did not get anything done on the website--too much work on the novels (writing and publishing). Gonna have to work on that tomorrow too.

Not much else happened this weekend. Yesterday the hubby and I went to the mall--I bought tons of Lush. He got Legos. We walked. That was it. The only real excitement today was trying to cook steaks on our grill and then discovering that the tank was empty. That meant firing up the broiler which in our brand new gas stove made for some nasty new-stove fumes that upset the hubby's eyes. The house has cleared out now and the steaks turned out okay so it's all good.

Goals for tomorrow include starting a new story, getting this week's book into ebook format, exercises, cleaning my bathroom and that's about it that I can remember right now.

Off to bath and bed for me--goodnight everyone!

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