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Good busy day today

The hubby and I went to see Rogue One. I knew how it ended, I knew rocks fall, everyone dies. I still cried twice. Stupid touching sacrifices and heart-wrenching music. Always my downfall.

So yeah, I liked it. Not my sort of story--I prefer happy endings--but very well done movie with a very important message.

One voice can start a revolution.

Something we all need right now.

Anyway. We also got Lush, gummy bears (grapefruit! Yay!) and then got Coldstone Creamery. They have this cake batter ganache ice cream right now, limited time sadly, that's absolutely glorious, especially with chocolate shavings. So tasty!

Then we took down the Christmas tree and cleaned up the living room and I finally managed to finish the short story I was working on. It ended up being 4900 words and I'm happy with where Gwen ended up in it. It's always fun writing Gwen. She sort of takes like full speed and never slows down to think things over. *grin*

Didn't get any watercolor done but that's all right. I'll work on another one tomorrow.

Also didn't work on the website today but I'm not going to stress about it. I have all day tomorrow to do it, between doing loads of laundry.

So my goals for tomorrow include exercises, working on the website to get the product pages up, finish cleaning up the living room, work on cleaning my office, start a new short story (or maybe a novel!), and spend time with the hubby.

Off to bath and bed for me because I live such an exciting life. *snort* Goodnight everyone!

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We have a gas stove on order! It'll mean having a gas line plumbed into the house and might not be actually delivered and installed until the end of the month but I'm super happy. Gas stove! :D

Went out to dinner after work, bought the stove (and LED lights for the bedroom), and then got groceries. We're trying out Friday night grocery shopping as Sundays are really busy. It wasn't bad tonight though there weren't enough cashiers at first.

I've got another short story up. I'm waiting for final approval on the POD version and then I'll let you guys know where to get it.

And put up proper Now Available posts because damn, I hadn't realized that I was more than six stories behind on my store page. *winces* I did get all the store pages copied into Word so that I can transfer them over to my webpage but that doesn't excuse being so lazy about getting the listings up.

Need to fix that this weekend.

Did well on my steps and exercises. Did not do well on the eating as we had IHOP for dinner. Chicken fried steak, hashbrowns and sausage with pancakes on the side is a calorie buster. Very tasty though.

Tomorrow we're going to see Rogue One, do some shopping at the mall and generally relax. I'm also going to try to get more words written. I think I'm 500 - 1000 words from the end of the latest short story. I just haven't had the time to finish it, given that I only got 700 words on it today. *sigh*


So yeah, goals for tomorrow include writing, movie, hubby time, working on the webpage and that's about it.

Off to bath and bed for me--goodnight everyone!

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New Year's Reminder

Just to let everyone know, every Monday I post a chapter of one of my novels for people to read for free on my WP site. And every Friday I post a short story for free.

Short stories stay up one week (sometimes longer if I get swamped but I'm trying really hard not to get swamped this year).

The novels stay up forever so there's several you can read if you wish.

Current Novel: Following the Trail - Chapter 12

Current Short Story: Dragon Rider's Song


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Well, I now have a PO Box

This is a step in the right direction. I can separate my home from my business. Yay! Now I just have to make all the address changes on the business license, accounts, website... *groan*

Here's hoping I remember everywhere that needs to be changed. I think I'll take notes in case I have to do it again.

Got 2300 words on a new Matriarchies of Muirin short story. The drama in the last one had so much potential that I had to write another point of view on it. I'm having fun with it so it's all good. Superficially it's a mystery, what happened to this ship, but underneath its about growing up and realizing that your childhood friends don't stop being friends just because family pressures intrude.

Got my exercises. Once again I did not get my steps. Still haven't figured out a way to do that without giving up my lunch. Not willing to miss lunch. I get WAY cranky when I'm hungry and that's not good for keeping my job. I'll keep pondering methods to do better.

Didn't spend any more time on the website but I did figure out that I have 129 book pages that I'm going to have to manually open, copy, and then past into place on the new publishing website. This weekend promises to be very, very boring.

Except that the hubby and I plan on going to see Rogue One this weekend. That should offset some of the ugh, boring. I'm keeping up on my plan of getting him out of the house at least once a week and seeing a movie with him is a great way of doing that.

Friday, though, we're going to go to Lowes and see about buying a new stove. Ours is VERY old and we want to upgrade to a gas stove. We know exactly which one and it's on sale for 25% off until the 8th. Too tempting to resist. The problem being that we have to get a gas line installed to the kitchen and I've no idea how much that's going to cost or how long it will take. Either way, in the end I'll have a lovely gas range. :D


I did a little cleaning on my office and realized that I have a small stack of books I wanted to give away. I'm going to have to do a proper giveaway soon, maybe once I have the publishing website up. Sign up for the newsletter and get entered to win these books! Seems like a good idea. Besides, I like giving away books. It's fun.

No watercolor. Too busy with the writing and other stuff. Maybe tomorrow. I got some liquid water colors to play with, brown and green, and I'd love to see how they work.

Goals for tomorrow include writing, website work, updating addresses in a thousand and one places, exercises, and if I'm really lucky, watercolor stuff.

Off to bath and bed now--goodnight everyone!

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Wow. Tired.

But I got 4000 words written, finishing off the first Matriarchies of Muirin short story in a while. I need to remember to go back and verify the ages in the story but I think I got it right. Too tired to do it now. Cadfael was fun to write, I'll say that.

Missed my steps again. It's just so cold out there that I couldn't stand the thought of getting out there to walk. Besides, traffic was a nightmare going home so I was late getting home anyway.

I finally signed up for MailChimp so very soon I'll be putting up an announcement that I'm going to be doing a newsletter. I've planned for it to be notice, monthly, of everything I've published. Probably plus news and maybe pictures of watercolors I've done. Not sure yet. At least it'll have links to new stories I've released.

The website will have a signup spot but if you want on it now you can email me or message me and I'll add you manually.

In addition, the hubby's helping me get a post office box for the business so I can get the contact pages working properly on the website. Unfortunately, my WP site is free so I can't automatically back it up. That means that I'm going to have to go in and manually copy the individual book pages and paste them into the website. I wanted to avoid that but it doesn't look like I can. *groan*

So yeah, big project there.

Anyone know anyone who does website design and development? At this point I'm actually willing to pay, not that I know how much that costs.

Didn't work on getting this week's story ready for publishing. I have to do that tomorrow. I don't want to miss the first week of the year. Or any following, for that matter.

Goals for tomorrow include write, get this week's story ready, work on the website, exercises, and that's about it.

Off to a late bath and bed. Goodnight everyone!

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Man, I'm tired tonight

Getting up at 5:15 after a week and a half of sleeping late just about killed me. I hate it when I screw up my sleep schedule. Oh well, nothing to do but get over it.

First day back at work was pretty much a loss. I was so not there mentally.

I didn't get my steps but I did get my exercises done. I'll have to work on the steps thing tomorrow. Did reasonably well on the eating. A little heavy at lunch but not too bad.

I started a Matriarchies of Muirin short story. It's 2600 words and I think I'm about half done. Cadfael's the POV character and wow, he was fun and fussy as a 13 year old. XD

Didn't get any painting done. Did get a good bit of research into business plans and started reading about marketing plans so that's good. I still need to back up my WP site, though. Oh, I did manage to get all the ISBN's updated so that's good.

Goals for tomorrow include write, exercises, get this week's short story started for publication, back up the WP site and more research into marketing plans.

Off to bath and bed for me--goodnight everyone!

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Happy New Year Everyone!

I had a pretty quiet day though the hubby and I walked through snow and ice to get to the Shinto Shrine about a mile from our house. That was cold but pretty and it's always a good way to start the year.

According to the Shinto priest, Barrish-Guji, this is a liminal year. We're in between things, bad times in the past and, hopefully, good times in the future. It's a year for effort and focus and making ourselves strong for what's to come. A pretty good message for the year, I think. Striving to improve is always a good thing and I like the thought that our effort this year will help us create the future we want to see.

After that we walked home, I did a load of laundry, and then a bunch of business reading.

I... need to create a proper business plan. And marketing plan. *dies*

Oh well, it needs to happen and it'll help me focus and do things for my writing business so that is what I shall do. This week, hopefully. Well, that plus back up my Wordpress site and transfer the store over to the MDR Publishing site. Those two (three?) things are what need to happen.

Then, as dinner was cooking, I sat down and wrote a short story in the Unification verse. Got it about half done before dinner was ready and then finished it after eating. Yay for a successful first day of the year!

I even went and scrubbed the tub--it's shiny and clean and lovely now. 8D

So, I have goals for 2017 and I figured I'd share them. They're pretty simple because I don't believe in making complicated big goals. It's the day to day efforts that make them happen but here's the overall intent for 2017 for me:

1) Get MDR Publishing to break even this year. I'd like to earn at least $1 profit. Given that I haven't so far that's a pretty good stretch goal.

2) Lose 35 pounds, down to 155 by 9/19/17. I'll turn 50. I'd like to be light enough to go ride the ponies at the ranch four miles away for my birthday and you have to be at most 160 lbs to do that. Because ponies. :D

3) Read at least one LGBT novel and one nonfiction book every month. I've been slacking on my reading and there's little time for reading overall, so yeah. One a month is a good goal for me. I broke it down to two pages a day each and that's working pretty well so far (as I started about a week and a half ago on that front).

4) Have a fun day out once a week with my hubby and a movie night once a month. Because neither of us take enough time off to just relax.

5) Go to the Shinto shrine for the four big ceremonies this year plus visit at least once a month otherwise. It's close. It helps the hubby calm down. I like the priest and his wife. It's a cool place. Seriously, we live just over a mile away. There's no excuse.

6) Paint with watercolors every day. Missed today because I was doing other stuff but this one isn't a big urgent deal. It's just something I want to play with so I won't mind if I get it like every other day or even once a week. Still, I'd like to get better and practice is the way to do it.

7) Meditate for at least 5 minutes every day. I'm a Buddhist. You'd think this would be a no-brainer. Nope. I need the reminder to do it.

So yeah, those are my goals. Got lots and lots of plans for how to earn a profit and lots of pictures to use as references for the watercolor. Not so sure how I'll lose the weight but I'm going to make a good try of it.

Tomorrow it's back to work. Sigh!!!!

Goals for tomorrow to reach everything above include write, get my WP site backed up, sketch out the outline for a business plan, slap some paint on paper and exercise.

Off to bath and bed--hope you all had a great first day of the year and that things look up for you all.

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Very little writing today...

...but I did get other things done.

Which included three loads of laundry, groceries, polishing some silver earrings that had gotten way too tarnished to wear without upsetting my ears, cleaning the kitchen, reading up on how to play Dragon Age Inquisition because my hubby is awesome and ordered me the guidebook before I even asked about it.

Oh, and actually doing more watercolor finally. I'm very happy that I didn't ruin the blue one by continuing it. And pleased with how I did the trees on the multicolor one. More watercolor experimentation is good! :D

I only got 600 words written on the novel, though. Got to the end of the dinner party so next, tomorrow, I'll need to finish up with that and write the final chapter. I really need to put a push on that so I finish it this year. Mostly just because I want to say that I did finish it this year, not for any real reason production or publishing-wise.

Goals for tomorrow are thus finish the novel, do more watercolor experimentation, spend time with the hubby who's really not looking forward to going back to work on Tuesday, and get my steps and exercises done. Oh yes, and go to bed early and then grumble loudly when people start setting off fireworks at midnight.

Off to bath and bed for me--goodnight everyone!

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We're home again!

We had a lovely time on vacation. We went down to Lincoln City, OR. I don't think I mentioned that before but that's where we were for the last couple of days. The drive takes 6 hours from door to door so I didn't get much of anything else done.

I did manage to get 1400 words written and Garret's parents are quite the pair. They're fun to play off against the guys though so I'm having fun.

My hubby surprised me with a late-delivered Christmas present. He got me the FFXV. Shocked the heck out of me since I'm not much of a video gamer. But then I should have figured that out as he got me the complete guide for the game, too. So in the interest of actually not wasting the money he spent I'm going to have to read the guide and play the game. We'll see just how terrible I am at it. *grin*

Goals for tomorrow include doing laundry from the trip, grocery shopping as we're low, writing and maybe gaming. Oh, and working on watercolor as I did some of that today and the picture's looking pretty darn cool if I do say so myself.

Off to bath and bed for me because dang, my body aches from all that driving. Goodnight everyone!

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Another good day

The hubby and I had a good day, overall. We went walking on the beach this morning as the weather had cleared up. Unfortunately, he got startled by a wave and jumped straight into a piece of driftwood. Banged up his knee pretty badly so he limped the rest of the day. I'm expecting a whopper of a bruise tomorrow. Poor guy.

Didn't stop him from hobbling around and looking at things as we went shopping.

I found a book, a new T-Shirt and a sketchbook. He found a really cool teal float for decorating with.

And then we had a huge lunch, went off and walked a lot more on the beach (away from driftwood that might attack), and did some driving around exploring. Followed by pizza for dinner that was really quite good.

I managed to get 2300 words written in two sessions. I'm two chapters from the end. There's a chapter where Jiro meets Garret's parents for dinner at his home. And then there's going to be the proposal chapter. If there is a wedding it'll be in a short epilogue.

So I'm almost done with the book and that makes me really happy.

Goals for tomorrow include a ton of driving with the hubby, writing, and eating lots of leftovers. We really need to clear out the fridge. Too many leftovers in there.

Now, though, I'm off to bath and then bed. Goodnight everyone!

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Strange day

Woke to the news that Carrie Fisher had died. Then the hubby and I went to a museum inside an old WWII blimp hanger. That was absolutely fascinating. They had a ton more stuff than we expected but it was... odd. The hanger isn't waterproof at all so when it rained outside it rained inside. The exhibits were amazing, full of details and pictures and old planes that had been partially or fully restored. Really very neat.

Just an odd juxtaposition for the day.

We had far too much for lunch and then did some shopping and had far too much for dinner, too. But it was all tasty so I'm not too upset. Did get my steps, plus a bit. Did not get my arm exercises.

And between rounds doing things I managed to get 3200 words written on the novel. I'm VERY close to the end now. I need to get the boys to do something overt, make a declaration, announce their relationship somehow. Not sure how that'll happen but we'll see where the writing takes me tomorrow. Probably 2-3 chapters left before I'm done with the book. Yay!

Tomorrow's goals are to visit a local fossil place, do more shopping and maybe pick up a new T-shirt or two. Possibly go walk on the beach, too, depending on how the weather is. No walking on the beach when it's stormy and nasty out.

Now I'm off to bath and bed--goodnight everyone!

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Huge storm tonight

The whole Pacific Northwest is affected. So far no problems with the power but who knows how long that'll last.

So you get a quick post tonight.

Spent the day driving with the hubby. We had to avoid a few obnoxious backups on the freeway but made it through okay.

I managed to get 2100 words written on the novel, thank goodness. I really think I'm 3-4 chapters from the end. Seriously would be nice to finish this thing before the end of the year. We'll see if I manage it.

Didn't get my steps but with all the driving I didn't expect that I would. Hopefully tomorrow I will. We're planning on hitting a museum tomorrow so that'll definitely give me more steps than all the driving did today. And if we're lucky the weather will improve tomorrow, too. But probably not.

Goals for tomorrow include writing, getting my steps, having fun with the hubby on our week off and that's about it.

Hope your night is way less stormy than mine--goodnight everyone!

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Merry Christmas!

It was a good day for me. The hubby and I stayed home. I got to sleep in late and then open presents after having fresh-cut pineapple for breakfast.

My mom got us four brand new bath sheets, desperately needed as ours were falling apart. The hubby got me the new Final Fantasy movie and the guidebook for the game. Which I don't have but hey, with the guide I might pick it up. Maybe. I still haven't finished playing through Dragon Age Inquisition. And a book of James Tiptree Jr. short stories. Oh, and a whole ton of Lush goodies! :D

Dinner was roast beast, mashed potatoes and corn followed by caramel pecan clusters. The potatoes had just a bit too much milk in them but otherwise were good.

We spent much of the day watching the Mythbusters marathon and debating whether rebooting the show with new people is a good idea or not. We're leaning towards not unless they do something new with it.

I managed a whopping 500 words on the novel and I'm glad I got that much, honestly. I mostly just wanted to laze about and play today and that's what I did.

Tomorrow's goals are write, do fun things with the hubby and go out to one of my favorite restaurants for dinner. Yes, I do have all next week off work. I'm REALLY looking forward to it.

Now, though, I'm off to bath with my Lush goodies. Goodnight everyone!

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Christmas Eve--yay!

I can't believe it's already Christmas Eve. This year, despite dragging at times, feels like it flew by. Amazing sometimes. Either way, I hope you all have a very merry Christmas, happy Hanukah, and have a lovely day tomorrow for those who celebrate neither. I'm looking forward to sleeping in. *grin*

Got 2800 words written on the novel. The boys have their cuddle time and are now working on setting up a model train set in the basement of Jiro's mansion. Because why not? The model trains in Japan are pretty darned awesome (focused on commuter and JR Rail trains, not freight like in the US) so it's cool to put it in.

Kind of an homage to my husband--he's got a huge collection of Japanese model trains. ;)

I finished (probably) the watercolor I had been working on. I'm going to let it sit overnight before I decide whether or not I want to add more to it or not. Also started another one, this time with a lovely gradient from blue sky overhead down to lavender at ground level. The picture I'm working from has gorgeous bare-branch trees in the background and giraffes in the front. I know I can do the trees. Not so sure about the giraffes. We'll see how well I do with that tomorrow.

Goals for tomorrow are to sleep late, open presents, do laundry, write, do more watercolor and that's about it. Sounds like a great Christmas day to me.

Off to bath and bed--goodnight everyone!

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Not as much done today as I wanted.

I took the day off work so I expected I'd get a substantial amount of work done. I didn't. I slept really badly so I was ultra cranky and headachey all day. The hubby and I went to the bank to take care of some account maintenance. Then he dropped some stuff off at work that had been lingering in his car. We got new LED light bulbs for his office lamp as two of them old incandescents had blown out in the last week or so. Then Olive Garden for lunch while snow fell everywhere.

Which caused accidents on the road, people mass overwhelming the grocery store I usually go to and us deciding to go to the expensive grocery store near home instead. Six items = $36. For real, there is a reason I drive half an hour to get groceries and that receipt is it. *shakes head*

Then I decided that I was too tired and cranky for the world so I took a nice long nap. Thank goodness, it helped. So I had a snacky dinner (Olive Garden is seriously calorie heavy!) and wrote 2000 words on the novel.

I'm so happy with it! Jiro and Garret had a lovely talk while cuddling and now they've agreed to take things slow. That means I've probably got another five or six chapters to write with their relationship growing over time but I'm all on board with that. I might, given the number of chapters left, even get this one done by the 31st. :D

Goals for tomorrow include writing, making chicken noodle casserole for dinner, wrapping my hubby's presents since I didn't do that tonight, and generally avoiding going anywhere public because I don't want to deal with the frantic last minute shoppers.

Off to watch Fury Road with the hubby, then spend some time in the hot tub and then bed.

Goodnight everyone!

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Ahhh, last workday of the year is over!

Mostly because I said pthbbbbt! to work and took tomorrow off. I've got the rest of the year free from work, paid, and don't have to go back until 1/2. I'm really glad about that. I'd be nice if it was longer but I'll take what I can get.

The novel is up to 53K and I'm finally getting the boys to admit that yes, this is possible and ummmmmmmm, yeah, I kind of do want it. Really. Even though I shouldn't. It's probably going to be about 65-70K when it's finished. I'm not too far from the end but I'm not sure I'll get it done before the end of the year like I want to.

We'll see.

Didn't get my steps today but I did very well indeed at resisting the tray full of cookies that a customer sent us at work. Plus the donuts that someone brought in. And the lemon cake. Seriously, people need to stop bringing all the treats at the holidays and spread them out over the year. It's crazy.

Goals for tomorrow are to go to the bank and do account stuff, get some writing done, and spend time with the hubby. Also painting. I really would like to finish the current watercolor so I can try something else.

Off to bath and bed since I have to be up early (just not as early) tomorrow to hit the bank--goodnight everyone!

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Well, I'm back at the watercolor

A little bit at a time. I have my last picture from October. It's a snowy fir-covered hill over a lake with the distant background faded into fog. I'd gotten a first bit down and then froze at the thought of adding more and messing it up. But yesterday I added some more and today a little more again. Not messed up so far! So at least I'm over that hump. Hopefully I'll get the trees and reflections looking good and then I can add the bushes in the foreground and then touch up with some white to make snow on branches. I'll post pics when I finally get something done(ish).

Got my writing in today. Not quite as much as I wanted but Jiro has arrived and told Garret that yes, I want to date you and no, I do not care if anyone objects to that. He's openly gay and more than willing to be public about pursuing Garret. Now I have to decide if Garret's willing to be open about it or not. Which is why I didn't get as much written as I intended.

Got my exercises in. Not quite the proper number of steps. And I managed not to eat all the treats at the office. There were WAY TOO MANY! Seriously, the holidays just mean stuff yourself on treats all day at my office. It's horrible when you're trying not to gain weight.

Figured out what WP plugin I'm going to use to backup my website and WP site. Now I just have to get it and install it. My plan is to take the store part of my WP site and move it over to the new website as my store. I really, really, REALLY do not want to have to redo every single hyperlink for the books if I don't have to. That'd take forever. So yeah, tomorrow's project on the website is get the plugin up and working. Then Thursday I can make a backup and Friday, maybe, transfer the store section to the new website. *crosses fingers*

Somewhere along the way I need to wrap presents. Tomorrow maybe. Saturday at the latest. Certainly not Sunday morning. I'm not that lazy. *looks away and hums nervously*

Anyway, goals for tomorrow include the WP plugin, writing, exercises, avoiding the huge supply of treats in the office, and watercolor. Maybe also wrapping presents.

Off to bath and bed now--goodnight everyone!

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Missed my post again last night

I was tired and talking with the hubby about goals for 2017 so I just didn't get it done. *shrugs* Can't be helped.

This is my last week of work for 2016. I'm off from the 26th to the 30th. And yes, my brain is already firmly in vacation mode even though there's a ton of stuff to be done. Darn it.

Regardless, I managed to get 2800 words written on the novel. Jiro has his inheritance. Garret has quietly left the stage because no, of course Jiro won't want to continue to associate with him now that there's no legal work needed.


Next chapter Jiro will be walking into Garret's office to ask him out in front of everyone. Because that's just the sort of oblivious Jiro is. Should be stunningly fun to write.

I, once again, didn't get close to my steps. I did get my exercises done. The hubby has suggested a trip to Maui for Valentine's Day which would include going on a zip line (we did that once before and had a blast) so I really need to build my upper body strength. Good motivation for losing some weight and gaining some muscle back! :D

Haven't worked on the website the last couple of days but I'm investigating ways to backup my WP site so that I can take the Store page(s) and put them onto my new website more or less intact. That'd save a HUGE amount of work so I'm putting my focus there first. Besides, backups are good. I'd hate to lose everything.

I bought soft scrub and a scrubber just for my bathroom so I have one less excuse for not cleaning it promptly. Somehow, I think having less excuses is what it's going to take to get it done. Not that I plan on doing any scrubbing tonight. ;)

Other than that, not much going on. ...I really want this week to be done, though.

Goals for tomorrow include choosing the WP backup plugin I'll use, writing, watercolor (because I'm determined to get back to that), exercises and that's about it.

Off to bath and early bed because cramps suck and I want a good night's sleep--goodnight everyone!

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Success one place, failure in another

Well, I got 2300 words written today but I didn't spend any time on the website. Fair trade, I think. I'm 40K into the book, still not sure how long it'll be but I'm thinking I've got another 20K to 40K to go. It'd be really nice to finish it before the end of the year. We'll see. Not sure I'll make it.

The website lost the battle for my time today. But it was fighting against two things, the writing and a class on goal setting that I started. Pretty good class so far, well worth the money I spent for it. I think the techniques I'm learning will help me be more successful next year. Now I just have to get the hubby to listen to it, too. That man really needs to start thinking of the future instead of surviving day to day.

Missed my steps by a mile and ate WAY too much, both treats at work and pizza at home, but I did do my arm exercises again today. It actually felt good to do them. I'd forgotten that worked muscle feeling. I missed it, much to my surprise.

Once I get my goals all figured out I might post them. Maybe not all of them but some of them. We'll see. I mean, I have goals every day. I post them here to remind myself what they are day by day and what I'm forgetting to get done. Or, you know, just not prioritizing. But these goals are a lot deeper and more far-reaching. Not sure about sharing them yet.

Anyway, tomorrow I have a blood donation appointment so that's going to eat some time. Hopefully not the whole afternoon to a nap. I made sure to have LOTS of meat today (Meatlover's pizza FTW!) and I'll be sure to eat breakfast, lunch and have lots of water tomorrow to ease the impact on me. Because I do have stuff I want to do.

First, the website. And then writing. Clean my bathroom. For real. I want to get back to daily watercolor. Probably won't start tomorrow, though. And the goals workshop, I want to work on that, too.

So goals for tomorrow are writing, website, exercises to keep my new streak, goals workshop and clean the damn bathroom.

Off to bath and bed for me--another exciting Friday night! *amused snort*

Goodnight everyone!

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So a quick post.

I got 1300 words written tonight which was something of a miracle given how busy the day was.

Bought a class on Goal setting that looks like something to help with next year. It's more encompassing than anything I've tried before and it should help the hubby, too. We really need more balance in our lives.

Got my steps today, did my full arm exercises for the first time in almost two months, and did well on the eating despite there being mass treats at work. Not just the bake sale but also other treats people brought in. The holidays are terrible for keeping weight off.

Didn't work on the website but I did think about how I want to format the book pages. So that's good.

Goals for tomorrow are write (more than 1200 words), work on the website, exercises and clean the damned bathroom. I swear, I may just put the cleaner and brush in my bathroom so I have fewer excuses. Because having to walk down a hallway is just too much effort. *rolls eyes at myself*

Off to bath and bed--goodnight everyone!

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Man, setting up websites is no fun. I've got it started but there's so many little bits to put together that it's kind of overwhelming. I mean, I've got a plan, at least one page a day, but it's going to take quite a while to get it all set up. In the meantime, my publisher website looks like a shambles. :(

I'll get there. I'm just going to hate it until I'm done. *shrug*

Worse, working on that (and figuring out sales tax in WA state) is eating into my writing time in dramatic ways. I worked until late last night on the website and only got 450 words written. The day before (tax confusion) it was only 350. Today I managed to get to 1200 words but I really wanted to get more done.

On the plus side, I did get the final story of the year uploaded for preorder on Amazon and Kobo. Still need to get it on Smashwords (also preorder) and CreateSpace (no preorder possible but I'll just get it so that all I need to do is approve it). Then I can focus utterly on writing and website.

*wibbles about the website*

Didn't get my steps. Ate way too much due to a bake sale and free company lunch at work. Didn't get my exercises done due to getting out of bed late. All around fail on that side of things today.

...but the fudge and cookies at the bake sale were REALLY good.

Goals for tomorrow include more work on the website (possibly getting the supporting pages created, if not filled), writing, exercises, not glutting myself at the bake sale and verifying that my understanding of the sales tax form is correct. If possible.

Off to bath as I'm freezing and then bed. Goodnight everyone!

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I want more weekend

We went to the Shinto shrine this morning. It was Winter Ceremony where you get all the year's badness purified so that you're ready for New Years and the start of another year.

And then did laundry, made the bed, did not scrub the tub and did not get the website started. Darn it. I really wanted to get on the website. That's going to have to be this week's project and words will have to slide while I get it done. Also didn't get the short story ready for publishing as I wanted.

Darn it.

Oh well. There's only so much you can do. Well, I did get family Christmas presents ordered so that was something. And I got my wish list to the hubby so he can buy presents for me.

I managed to get 1700 words written on the novel tonight. I'm, I think, approaching the 1/3 to 1/2 mark. Probably closer to 1/3. Jiro and Garret went out to see Christmas lights and have dinner together. There was snuggling because of cold wind and Garret wishing for a husband and a home. *grin* While considering questions of curtain colors.

Because yes, I love curtain fic. Why wouldn't I?

Tomorrow I'll have to finish the dinner and then sent them off to encounter paparazzi, see Jiro's childhood home and realize that their expectations of who has power in the relationship are very, very different.

Looking forward to that.

Anyway, goals for tomorrow are to write, clean the bathroom, get the website started, prep the short story for publishing and get my exercises.

Off to bath and bed--goodnight everyone!

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Seriously, I gotta get my website up so that I can start doing publishing things like advertising my books. I really want to quit my job. Not going to happen for 3-5 years, minimum, but it'd be so nice not to have to be there. Nothing bad happened, just the normal boring stuff. Ugh.


Did not get my steps or exercises today. The step counter was in a weird spot in my pocket today and absolutely was not counting accurately. Oh well. I also ate way too much. There were free donuts and, later in the day, free chicken tamales. How could I resist that?

Writing at least went well today. I got 2700 words on the new novel. It's definitely a slow build, probably about 70K to 80K, I'd say. I'm 30K in and I think I'm about at the 1/3 point. It feels that way. I have Jiro and Garret talking quietly at the moment over Jiro's mother's kimono. Pretty soon I'm going to have Jiro's friends throw them out to go look at Christmas lights together because Jiro needs all the private time he can get. And then after that I can have pressures of publicity, checking out his parents old home, and Jiro claiming his inheritance by being a good-hearted honorable man. Yes, I already know what the ending will be. I knew that before I started writing. :D

Still haven't cleaned the bathroom. I might scrub the tub before I have a bath tonight but probably not. Must get that done pronto.

Goals for tomorrow include writing more (lots hopefully), working on the website (finally!), buying groceries (maybe), and cleaning my bathroom (well, I better after how long I've put it off).

Bath and bed for me--hope you all have a great Friday!

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Much success!

I got the next book all ready to upload, cover, ebook, and POD. Makes me happy. Now I want to get the final story for 2016, a short story, ready. Hopefully tomorrow. Then I can get them uploaded this weekend as preorders and I can focus on writing for the rest of the year. :D

Where the heck did this year go, anyway? I swear, it doesn't feel any later than April. July at the latest. *shakes head*

Anyway, got another 2200 words written on the novel. I've no idea where I'm going with it other than making it clear the boys want each other and flinging situations at them where they can get to know each other better. I'm 27K words into the story and it still feels like the first quarter to half of the book. I think it's going to end up around 80K-100K when it's done. Nice. I haven't written a really long book in a while. They've been averaging around 40K-45K lately. But that works for this one. The slow burn is a blast to write.

Jiro, by the way, is aromantic. Profoundly. Yes, he wants a relationship. But no, he has no clue how to go about creating one. As I'm aromantic it's way too much fun to write his fumblings and confusion. At least he has his three best friends to help him out. XD

Goals for tomorrow include writing, exercises (skipped the arms today, missed on the step count), cleaning the bathroom and starting work on the website. I know what I want to do. I just have to get started on it.

Off to bath and bed for me. Goodnight everyone!

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Bleh--didn't get what I wanted done

This is what happens when I find really good fanfic and dive in instead of putting off reading it. *shakes head at myself*

I didn't get the cover done. Nor did I get the ebook finished. I did however get 2300 words written on the novel tonight so that's good anyway. The cover is 95% finished. I just need to finish it off and it'll be good.

Got my steps and half my exercises today. Again, ran out of time for more than that. I'm sliding back into the 'don't want to' thing I always get during the winter when it comes to exercise. At least the days will start getting longer again soon. The middle of winter is dark when I wake up and dark when I go home this time of year. Sucks.

Man, my eyes are so tired. No more typing for me.

Goals for tomorrow include finish the cover, write, finish the ebook, get my exercises and clean the bathroom. That's about it. Oh, order the hubby Christmas presents if he can ever decide what presents he wants.

Off to bath and bed--goodnight everyone!

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