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Hearts On Our Sleeves

BJD Stories & Fun

19 September 1967
I'm a writer of both fanfic and original fiction. You'll find personal things occasionally but mostly I've put up my stories for people to enjoy.

I like Fantasy, Science Fiction, slavefic, both original and fanfic, plus Superman Returns, Smallville, SGA, Leverage, DCU and Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time fanfic.

If you're interested in the Prince of Persia fic, it's at my comm as well as on my LJ. Go check out persian_tales to see what I'm talking about!

I have an open friending policy. If you friend me and say so I'll friend you back pretty much automatically. If you choose to defriend at any time, feel free. I won't be hurt or upset at all. I rarely defriend anyone as I assume people are here for my fic.

If you'd like to remix / podfic / do art / do whatever transformative work with my fanfic I would be delighted by that. I'd just like to know that you're doing it so that I can link back to your version and let people know about it. If you want to do something with my original fiction please do ask first as I hope to be professionally published someday and I'd like to retain just a little more control over that.

Finally, if you find that I've taken a story off the net please do not repost it or distribute any private copies you may have of it. The only reason that I would have for doing that was if I got published professionally and had to remove my stories. I don't anticipate it happening but I thought it important to note my policy on the issue here.